Winter Park’s Town Council welcomed its newest council member, Rebecca Kaufman, at their meeting on February 2. Kaufman replaced Councilor Chris Seemann who had retired at the end of 2020.

New Liquor License

Bajajalisco LLC d/b/a Mexicali Taco Co. applied for a new liquor license. The restaurant is located at 110 Parry Peak Way, in the Village at Winter Park. Town Clerk Dani Jardee confirmed all documents to be in order and Council approved the application after the public hearing.

Developer Financial Guarantees

Winter Park Town Code addresses developer financial guarantees in disparate sections. Requirements are currently located in both Title 6 and Title 8. Staff is looking to create a new title within the Code to consolidate these sections into one area.

Chapter 1 of this section will be Developer Financial Guarantees. Chapter 2 of this section will establish a new cost-recovery mechanism to allow the Town or developers to be reimbursed for improvements made that benefit other properties and developments. While the Town Code did have a mechanism for developers to ‘recapture’ excess costs, it did not apply to the Town itself. This mechanism will be replaced. 

The ordinance was approved at the second reading, held Tuesday, February 16.

Design Guideline Updates

Over the past few months, the Town has been updating the Design Guidelines and presented a final draft to Council. As part of the process, Town staff has held workshops and accepted public comments. Taking these comments into consideration, the Town made revisions to landscaping and sustainable site design, pedestrian prioritization, impacts on sensitive properties, and architectural character.

This ordinance amends the Town Code to allow for design guideline updates and was approved by Council at the second reading on February 16.

Development Improvements Agreement

Fraser River Development, LLC (FRD) filed a Development Improvements Agreement (DIA) with the Town in 2019 to complete public improvements associated with Roam Metropolitan Districts. The DIA required surety to ensure the improvements would be completed within the time frame. The Town has not released a surety yet.

FRD requested that the Town consider approving the Amended and Restated Development Improvements Agreement to allow FRD and the Roam Metropolitan Districts to make use of an additional form of security through an escrow agreement. The escrow agreement would be among FRD, the Districts, and the Town. Bond proceeds from the Districts would be held in an escrow account and released periodically upon successful completion of projects. 

Council approved this resolution which approves the Amended and Restated Development Improvements Agreement for Fraser River Development, LLC. 

Intergovernmental Agreement Amendment

This resolution goes hand-in-hand with Fraser River Development (FRD), LLC’s Amended Development Improvements Agreement. It will allow the Roam Metropolitan Districts to use alternative security in the form of the escrow of bond proceeds when completing public improvements that FRD is required to install. 

The escrow agreement would be subject to review and approval by the Town’s legal counsel and the Town Manager. 

Council approved this resolution, which approves the First Amendment to the IGA.

Cedar Drive Townhomes

The applicant proposed to subdivide Lot 6, Block 4 of Winter Park Village into two townhome units with a shared open space. This property is located in the Old Town neighborhood on the corner of Cedar Drive and Linden Road. 

Council approved the resolution for the Final Plat for Cedar Drive Townhomes unanimously.

At the February 16 meeting, council held a Public Hearing for two new Resort Premises Liquor Licenses. Acting as the Town’s Liquor Licensing authority, they approved two new optional premises as add-ons to one of Winter Park Resort’s liquor licenses. One premise will be located at the top of Olympia Lift and the other at the bottom of Sunnyside Lift. 

Ski Ranch Improvements

A Frame Hotel Breckenridge, LLC, filed a Development Improvements Agreement in order to complete public improvements to the Ski Ranch Development, located at 1008 Winter Park Drive, the former site of Adolf’s Event Center. These improvements include demolishing existing infrastructure, grading, erosion control improvements, new parking lots and sidewalks, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, and electric and gas infrastructure. Council approved this resolution, allowing A Frame Hotel to begin improvements to the property.

Ski Ranch Parking Reduction

A Frame Hotel Breckenridge, LLC requested that parking requirements for Ski Ranch be reduced by 29% (18 fewer spaces). The project provides enough spaces for hotel guests to park off-street, who are the anticipated customer base for the bar/restaurant. 

Additionally, reducing the parking requirements will allow mature trees on the lot to remain intact. Council approved this resolution.

Griffin Park Rezone 

The Griffin Park Subdivision (currently referred to as the Pub property), located at the corner of King’s Crossing Road and Highway 40, is zoned as R-C Residential Commercial property. The applicant requested to have it rezoned as D-C Destination Center District. This type of zoning encourages mixed residential and commercial uses for areas designated for visitor activities within the Town’s master plan. 

Council approved the resolution. This will foster greater pedestrian activity, less reliance on vehicles, and other goals determined in the Town’s master plan. 

Hideaway Junction Preliminary Plat

The Town of Winter Park submitted a preliminary plat for Hideaway Junction Filing II. This is the second and final filing for this subdivision. The first was platted in 2005 and is now the 10 single-family home sites on Trestle Drive. This next phase will be a single-family development consisting of 36 lots along two new roads that will intersect with Kings Crossing Road.  

Council approved this resolution for the Preliminary Plat for Hideaway Junction unanimously.

Draft of Grant with Colorado for SB267 Funds 

In 2020, The Town was awarded $2.6 million from Senate Bill 267 for the construction of the new Transit Maintenance, Storage, and Administration Facility. The final grant agreement is not anticipated to change, but due to CDOT’s internal timeline delays, Transit asked Council to approve the draft in order to keep the project on schedule.

Council approved the draft of this agreement, allowing Transit to move forward.

Winter Park Town Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in Town Hall. The meetings are open to the public. To learn more, visit