At their first meeting of the year on January 5, the Winter Park Town Council worked through an administrative-heavy agenda.

Liquor License Transfer

After a public hearing on the transfer of a Tavern Liquor License from Adolph’s Event Center to A Frame Hotel Breckenridge, LLC, located at 1008 Winter Park Drive in Old Town. With all documents in order, the liquor license transfer was approved. 

2021 Council Meeting and Workshop Times

Council meeting and workshop times are set in the first meeting of every year. Council approved that workshops will be held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 3 pm and meetings will follow at 5:30 pm.

Public Posting of Meeting Notices

At the first meeting of each year, a place to post meeting notices must also be established. Council approved the resolution, establishing the Town Bulletin Board outside of Town Hall and the website as the official posting locations for agendas. 

New Planning Commission Member

Angela Sandstrom was appointed to a four-year term on the Town’s Planning Commission with recommendation from the committee. Comprised of Community Development Director James Shockey and Councilors Jennifer Hughes and Mike Davlin, the committee interviewed five qualified candidates mid-December.

Developer Financial Guarantees

Before submitting an approval of a final plat for development, a Development Improvement Agreement must be filed with the Town. The developer must cover any public improvements required on the land associated with the development. The developer is required to deposit cash or issue a letter of credit to cover the cost of any public improvements. 

Approval of the ordinance would allow developers to select other forms of financial guarantee (other than cash or a letter of credit). The public improvements can be secured by other town-approved means. 

The ordinance was approved on the first reading and it passed following the second reading and public hearing on January 19. 

Contract between Winter Park and Fraser Chamber of Commerce

The Town of Winter Park contracts with the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce each year for services that include marketing, special events, visitor center operation, and renting office space within Winter Park. The contract was approved and will continue in 2021, although the budget was decreased due to COVID-19. In 2021, the Town will contribute $750,000 to the Chamber. The Town and Chamber can adjust the scope of services as needed with changing public health regulations. 

Grand County Seat on the TAC

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) was created as a temporary committee in 2015 to oversee the transition of resort services to public transit operations. Over time, the TAC has grown in relevance, and Grand County has expressed an interest in having a representative on the committee. This ordinance would allow Grand County to have a seat on the committee and establish TAC as an established and permanent committee. 

This was approved on the first reading and was approved on the second reading January 19. New committee member, Richard Cimino, has been appointed as the new representative of Grand County on the TAC.

Gravity Haus Hotel Parking Reduction

Gravity Haus Hotel requested a variance to reduce the parking requirements by 14%. This would reduce the parking spaces by 6 spots. The reduction would result in a better use of space, and would only apply to restaurant and office spaces, not to hotel, employee or ADA parking. Additionally, the project is positioned between two motels with an existing paved parking and a drive between buildings. 

Council approved the variance for Gravity Haus Hotel. 

Short-Term Rental input sought

The Town of Winter Park’s Short-Term Rental (STR) Advisory Committee hosted an Open House on January 26 where they received input on the proposed policy from community residents. 

The policy is intended to set standards for any properties operating as STRs within town limits. It would require annual STR and sales tax licensure, as well as 24/7 property management availability. 

Comments will be accepted through February 9. The Advisory Committee will meet following and make recommendations to the Council at the meeting on February 16. The proposed policy can be found at Comments can be submitted to the Town Clerk, Dani Jardee, at through February 9.