The meeting on Tuesday, July 7, saw the council immediately enter into an Executive Session for discussion and consideration of details pertaining to the future gondola project.

Fitness in the Park Special Event Permit

Following the Executive Session, Town Clerk Dani Jardee presented a Special Event Permit and Public Hearing for Fitness in the Park. The event takes place on Sundays through the summer at the Rendezvous Event Center from 9 am – 10 am. Hearing no public comment and with all documents in order, council unanimously approved the Special Event Permit.

Surplus Equipment to Auction

Public Works Director Gerry Vernon told the council that a number of older vehicles and equipment were no longer in use. He explained that, in years past, they had put the outdated equipment up for auction to the local community. Vernon proposed this next round be managed by Purple Wave Auction of Manhattan, KS. He told council a larger audience could result in higher prices, and the auctioneer’s cost is 10% of the sales.

Councilor Art Ferrari asked, “With our potential reduction in capital spending, are we sure there’s no use for these vehicles?”

“We took a hard evaluation,” said Vernon. “Most approach 20 years old. We do have a back-up plow truck, but there’s a newer version 2-3 yrs old.” Vernon said some of the equipment had sat, unused, at the incinerator center for quite some time. “It’s time to move them out,” he said, adding, “we can also save on insurance by not having them in our inventory.”

Council approved Resolution 1781 unanimously.

Mountain Parks Electric Easement Request

Vernon next introduced Resolution 1782, a resolution dedicating permanent easements to MPE. He explained that, in order to get power to the new facility, an overhead line will have to be installed from Winter Park Drive, over the river near the shop and existing trail. This would require a 120’ wide permanent easement for the overhead portion. The power will then go underground to a transformer located near the middle of the property, requiring a 20’ wide permanent easement. Power would be distributed to the building from the transformer.

Council approved Resolution 1782 unanimously.

Rendezvous at Winter Park amends Final Development Plan

Community Development Director James Shockey presented the first reading of Ordinance 539 to council. Rendezvous Colorado LLC had requested to amend the original Plan, approved in 2008, to update and bring their development standards to better align with their current products, which require a smaller footprint. As a result, single-family homes in the development would be reduced from 7,000 square feet(s.f.) to smaller sizes ranging from 5,000 to 1,250 s.f.  The amendment also outlines reduced setbacks to accommodate the smaller lot sizes.

Shockey had requested clarification from the applicant on building height, stating 40 feet is allowed for townhome products and multi-family units are permitted at 50 feet. Other concerns expressed included small setback footage and snow removal.

Council approved the first reading and requested the developer be present at the second reading to answer outstanding questions regarding the amendment.

Economic Nexus

Finance Director Lizbeth Lemley presented the first reading of Ordinance 540 which would amend sections 3-2-5 and 3-2-6 of the Town’s Code to define economic nexus and update methods for collection and remittance of sales tax. The ordinance was drafted in response to the Colorado Municipal League (CML) and its economic nexus and marketplace facilitator model ordinance project. CML is urging the Town, as one of 72 home rule municipalities collecting its own sales tax, to adopt the ordinance and to begin using a Colorado Department of Revenue state portal (commonly referred to as “SUTS”) to collect Town sales tax. Doing both will impose Town sales tax on internet transactions while also providing businesses with a single point of remittance for state and Town sales tax. 

Council approved the ordinance on first reading. A public hearing and second reading was set to take place on Tuesday, July 21 and the ordinance was approved at that time.

Local Disaster Emergency extended 

Town Manager Keith Riesberg explained that the Town had declared a disaster in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 24, 2020. The declaration established protocols and allowed the Town opportunity to establish new regulations and guidelines for staff in order to respond to the emergency. Resolution 1783 would continue the declaration through a period of one year, through March 23, 2021.

Council approved the resolution unanimously.

Face Coverings required

Town staff and members of council had been receiving requests and concerns from community members on the number of people not wearing face masks. With the safety of residents and visitors in mind, the council unanimously approved Ordinance 541, an emergency ordinance requiring face coverings during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

The Ordinance took effect immediately and requires a face covering to be worn when entering and while inside a place of business open to the public; and, in other public indoor or outdoor places where social distancing (6 feet or more of separation) from others not of the person’s household.   

Find Your Flow Yoga Special Event Permit

At the July 21 meeting, council approved a Special Event Permit for Find Your Flow on the Fraser Yoga. The event is held at Confluence Park on Mondays at 5:45 pm and Wednesdays at 8:30 am through the month of September and is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per session. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Headwaters Trails Alliance

The Smokehouse changes hands

Acting as the Local Liquor Licensing Authority, a public hearing was conducted for the transfer of the Hotel and Restaurant Liquor License from Michael Patrick, Smokehouse BBQ, to Ryan Singleton and Matthew Newkirk, Pigs on the Wing LLC.

No comments were received during the hearing and the transfer was approved unanimously.

Amendment to Rendezvous at Winter Park Final Development Plan

At the second reading on Ordinance 539, Shockey presented a revised table of changes included in the requested amendment. Rendezvous Colorado LLC representative Jeff Vogel presented an overview of the original 2008 plan and clarified design of the bridge and culvert on the Fraser River. Several citizens had expressed concern with trail connectivity and closings to which Shockey explained trails would remain open during construction, but access would change. He confirmed town staff was working with the developer to ensure adequate signage would be in place.

Hearing no further comments, the council approved Ordinance 539 unanimously.

IGA with Colorado Department of Revenue

In conjunction with the approval of Ordinance 540, Finance Director Lemley presented an Intergovernmental Agreement with CDOR to participate in the state’s single-user taxpayer system. Resolution 1784 was approved unanimously.

Development Activity

Council reviewed and approved a number of filings during the July 21 meeting. Northwoods at Lakota Park subdivision Preliminary Plat was approved with conditions via Resolution 1787; the Reserve at Lakota Park subdivision Preliminary Plat was approved with conditions in Resolution 1788; and, Lake Trail Townhomes Final Plat was approved with conditions in Resolution 1789. Development Improvements Agreements for Rendezvous Colorado LLC filing one, phase one and for a portion of Ski Idlewild Road that includes the Fraser River Crossing (Resolutions 1785 & 1786) were approved with conditions, and another, for 560 Lake Trail LLC was approved in Resolution 1790.

The Town entered into a cost-sharing agreement with Rendezvous Colorado LLC for construction of infrastructure along Ski Idlewild Road via Resolution 1790.

Mountain Moon Yoga Special Event Permit

Another outdoor event, to be held at Confluence Park on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm; Wednesdays at 6 pm; Thursdays at 6 pm; and Saturdays at 9:30 am (weather dependent) was approved by council unanimously at the August 4 meeting.

Right-of-Way easement granted to MPE

Mountain Parks Electric had requested a 20’ wide easement from the Town to install underground electric along Ski Idlewild Road (north of Rendezvous Way and south of Rendezvous East Mountain Filing 7). The easement is required to provide electric service to the Rendezvous at Winter Park Filing 1 project and also provide a loop in their system for redundancy. Council approved the request via Resolution 1793.

Rock Crushing Operations at Roam

Mountain States Snowcats, Inc had submitted a Special Use Permit application on behalf of the Roam development and Fraser River Development Company LLC. The applicant requests to operate rock crushing on the Roam property from September 8 through October 2, 2020. The purpose is to reduce the size of existing rock on the property for use as structural fill in the development.

Notice had been provided to adjacent landowners and no comments had been received. Staff recommended approval with a number of conditions including a firm end date of October 2, operations only during regular business hours from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, operation only during appropriate site and environmental conditions, dust mitigation, removal or storage of excess material, screening and securing of state permits.

Council approved the Special Use Permit in Resolution 1794.

Davlin appointed to Chamber Board

With the retirement of Councilor Jim Myers, council appointed Councilor Mike Davlin to fill his position as Town representative on the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

De-Gallagher adjustment measure headed to ballot

With residential mill levy amounts continuing to trend downward per the Gallagher Amendment to the State Constitution, Town Manager Keith Riesberg proposed a measure that would serve to stabilize revenues by allowing the town flexibility in setting the mill levy rate to continue to receive the same amount of revenue as is currently received, thus avoiding a further downward spiral. Similar to the ballot measure passed last year for East Grand Fire Protection District No. 4, the Town is seeking similar revenue protection. Riesberg told council that Grand County and the Town of Fraser are also anticipated to seek similar protections, and other towns are reviewing the prospect.

Council approved Resolution 1796, calling for a Special Election on the November 3 ballot and approved an IGA with Grand County to conduct the Coordinated Election.

2020-2021 Council Priorities

As a follow up to the council’s June 26 retreat, Riesberg presented a list of items identified as the council’s top priorities.

For 2020-2021, Winter Park Town Council set the following objectives and priorities:

  1. Coordinated response to COVID-19 impacts – short-term needs and long-term effects
  2. Advance housing projects within Winter Park and Fraser Valley
  3. Increase Winter Park’s year-round population = be in line w/ the vision statement
  4. Pursue infrastructure improvement plans (broadband & community connectivity through transit, trails, train) and address negative impacts where infrastructure is lacking (Vasquez Road dispersed camping issues)
  5. Improve communication and relationship building w/ Town’s strategic partners
  6. Update the Town’s marketing/special events strategy and direction for the Chamber of Commerce
  7. Form an economic development committee
  8. Continue planning efforts for the downtown/resort connection (gondola)
  9. Financial planning and stabilization – diversification of revenues, development of planning models
  10. Environmental sustainability initiatives
  11. Update zoning code and development regulations

Winter Park Town Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at Town Hall. The meetings are open to the public. To learn more, visit