Following a series of three Executive Sessions, the Fraser Board of Trustees took to task the remaining agenda items at their January 20th meeting. Their first action was approval of the Consent Agenda, which included the Minutes from the 12/9 and 12/15/2020 meetings; Designation of the Town’s Official Posting Location as their website and additionally at Fraser Town Hall; and, Resolution 2021-01-02, approving a partial reduction in surety for Rendezvous East Mountain Filing 11, from $368,020 to $184,010.

Drop Hunger

The Trustees unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mountain Family Center for their annual “Drop Hunger” fundraiser. The MOU allows for placement of a refrigerator on the ice on one of the Lions Ponds. Funds are raised from “guesses” on when the fridge will fall through the ice.

Deed Restriction Purchase

The Trustees approved the Deed Restriction Purchase Agreement for Kelsey Young. Young will receive $25,000 as compensation for the value of the deed restriction for her property, located at The Divide at Forest Meadows. This was the first deed restriction purchase approved by the trustees.

New TAC representative named

Mayor Philip Vandernail has served as the Town’s representative to the Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) since the program’s inception in 2015. After 5+ years, he tendered his resignation from TAC at the meeting. The trustees appointed Trustee Brian Cerkvenik to serve in his place on the TAC going forward.

Open seat on EDAC

The Town is currently accepting letters of interest from Fraser residents interested in serving on the Economic Development Advisory Committee. More information can be found on the town’s website at:  

Launch of Fraser Valley Arts

In cooperation with the Town of Fraser, a group of residents have incorporated Fraser Valley Arts (FVA), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. The near-term goal of FVA is to organize and build upon the various existing artistic endeavors that occur in the area, create a robust offering of community art classes and events, and ultimately enhance the reputation of Fraser as an art destination for all walks of life. The longer-term goal for FVA is to raise funds and construct the Fraser Center for the Creative Arts.   

The Fraser Valley Arts Board is comprised of five Grand County residents. Steve Fitzgerald was elected President, Callie McDermott Vice President, and Lisa Baird Secretary/Treasurer.  All three are also members of the Fraser Public Arts Committee. DiAnn Butler (Grand County Economic Development Director) and Echo Zoyiopoulos (artist and teacher at Middle Park High School) complete the Board.

The FVA will be developing an enhanced art offering aimed primarily at the full-and part-time citizens of Fraser and Grand County. At first, that is likely to be through classes and seminars aimed at all ages and segments of the community. The Board has already begun to partner with various like-minded groups in pursuit of those goals and expects to make some announcements of new programming and locations in the coming months.