At the meeting on Wednesday, October 7, the Fraser Board of Trustees approved the Final Acceptance of Elk Creek Filing No. 2. Per the Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA), the trustees found that all improvements had been satisfactorily completed; all warranty periods had ended or were waived; and, all other applicable requirements for acceptance of the improvements had been satisfied or waived. 

Upon authorizing final acceptance of the improvements, the remaining surety amount of $31,577 was released. Payment of all applicable fees was due within 15 days of approval of Resolution 2020-10-01.

CR 8 and CR 72 IGA

Resolution 2020-10-02 authorized the Mayor to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Grand County for the summer’s paving projects on CR 8 and CR 72. Project costs were allocated as follows:

  • CR 8 total project cost of $232,781.34 was split, based upon usage, at a rate of 40% – Fraser and 60% Grand County, less $3,700 of road base material sourced from the County’s Gravel Pit.
  • CR 72 total project costs are $319,024 of which the Town of Fraser pays 75% and Grand County will pay 25%, less the value of road base material sourced from the County Gravel Pit at $5.43/ton.

The project on Eisenhower Ave cost $154,389.66 and was 100% paid by the town.

Grand Park Open Space

A number of residents appeared at the September 16 meeting to voice their concerns on the use of land located within Grand Park for cattle grazing over the summer. Technical difficulties forced continuation of the hearing to the October 7 meeting.

Town Attorney Rod McGowan prepared a memo on the historical background of the Grand Park Planned Development District. The memo clarified past open space dedications and agreements that had occurred back to 1986. In conclusion, the Town Attorney found that the applicable development agreements relating to Grand Park do not specifically require that the Cozens and Elk Creek meadow areas be dedicated to the Town of Fraser  for public use or require public access to those areas. They do require that these areas be placed in conservation easement and be maintained as open space, subject to terms as may be agreed to by Fraser.

Relief for Businesses

The trustees approved the extension of COVID-19 related exceptions to business operations through April 30, 2021. Items included in Resolution 2020-10-03 are:

  1. Existing restaurants, brew pubs, distilleries, and similar establishments that are authorized by state or county health orders to begin reopening are encouraged to consider expanding their outdoor seating areas and the parking requirements are temporarily suspended to allow use of those areas for outdoor seating. Outdoor seating areas shall be clearly delineated from parking areas.
  2. Any applicable fees related to installation of temporary tent structures are hereby waived. The installation of temporary tent structures and/or outdoor heating appliances are required to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements.
  3. The Town Manager or their designee is authorized to establish temporary “curbside pickup/drop off” zones in appropriate locations in the business district. Any such zones will be established in conformance with Colorado Department of Transportation requirements and may be signed accordingly.
  4. The requirements of the Town Code as relates to temporary signage for existing businesses are temporarily suspended provided that such signage does not obstruct any public sidewalk, trail, or street or related snow management operations.
  5. Businesses are encouraged to contact Town Staff for assistance with any proposals that may assist with reopening in compliance with the guidelines of state or county health orders.
  6. The disposable bag fee imposed by Chapter 7 Article 8 of the Town Code is hereby temporarily suspended through April 30, 2021.
  7. Staff is hereby directed to work with county and state entities to facilitate other provisions that may assist businesses with reopening in compliance with the guidelines of state or county health orders (such as relaxation of state liquor law requirements relating to modification of premise).
  8. After the expiration of the provisions of this resolution, businesses must comply with any requirements of the Town Code that have been temporarily suspended.

2021 Water Fund Projects 

The trustees approved Resolution 2020-10-04, authorizing the Town Manager to to initiate engineering work for six upcoming projects. The total cost for engineering design is estimated at $102,000.

New EDAC member

At the meeting on October 21, the trustees reviewed and approved the appointment of Paula Stuart to fill a vacancy on the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC).  

Audio-Video Equipment Upgrades

COVID-19 related technology requirements had exposed deficiencies in the Town’s A/V systems. Assistant Town Manager Michael Brack presented a proposal from Logic Integration for the purchase and installation of new audio and video equipment, totalling $45,000. The new equipment will include installation of a touch screen control panel for A/V. Replacement of replacing ceiling speakers (only 1-2 currently work), new secure a/v equipment stack and 2 ceiling mounted cameras to show the board and public during meetings. Brack stated the costs would be reimbursable expenses under the CARES Act funding. 

The trustees approved Resolution 2020-10-06 unanimously. Brack told the trustees he anticipates the installation to be completed by November 15.

Town Manager Resigns

At the meeting on November 4, following an Executive Session, Town Attorney Rod McGowan presented Resolution 2020-11-02, a Draft Separation Agreement for the Town Manager, Jeff Durbin. McGowan said the agreement provides that, if parties agree, Durbin’s resignation would be effective at the end of the year. He (Durbin) would continue to serve in an advisory capacity as needed, until a replacement is found. The agreement also provides 9 months of severance to include regular salary and benefits. The agreement also includes a release provision stating Durbin releases the Town of Fraser from any liabilities.

“If Jeff decides to go ahead with the resignation, I want him to know that I have enjoyed working with him over the last 16 years,” said McGowan. “I wish him the best good luck in future endeavors.” 

The trustees approved the Resolution unanimously.

Mayor Philip Vandernail said, “I want to thank you on behalf of the Board for 16 years of service.”

Durbin replied, “I would like to resign, effective at the end of the year. Fraser is a special place. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to serve in this role.”

Budget 2021

Durbin and Finance Manager Beth Williams walked the trustees through the first of three Budget  hearings.  

Trustee Ryan Barwick, who will soon be departing due to moving outside town limits, gave insight on ways to strategically set aside reserves.

The next Budget hearing will take place on Wednesday, November 18.


The Town of Fraser Board of Trustees meet the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6 pm in Town Hall. The meetings are open to the public. To find out more, visit