Last year, the county contracted with a firm out of Kansas called Civic Plus to update their website.  Civic Plus has more than 20 years of experience focused exclusively on technology for local government.

The county website is unveiling the new site with a soft launch Thursday, thanks to the efforts of Alexis Kimbrough, Communications Coordinator for Grand County.  Kimbrough said, “The company (CivicPlus) understands the challenges communities face today and the need to do more with less.” 

Kimbrough has spent the last six months as project lead on the new website build and launch. “We have been through a complete redesign/refresh of the website, reorganizing pages and content, as well as updating information.” Kimbrough said the website upgrade was much needed. “I’ve learned that a website will never fully be finished. It is a living, breathing entity.”

CivicPlus is an integrated technology platform for local government. The platform connects municipal employees and elected officials with the citizens they represent and serve with the simplicity, versatility, and power of our integrated portfolio of local government solutions.

The new website features a content management system and website hosting, mass and emergency notifications, recreation management, agenda and meeting management, citizen request management, and employee management. All are connected by the CivicPlus platform, and all are supported by one seamless software group.

Kimbrough said, “The new site is still a work in progress, but we have met our project goals and this site has a new feel and look. It should become easier to navigate.” 

The site is up and ready to use today. Visit