Photo: (L>R): County Manager candidates Don Rosier; Katherine McIntyre; and, Scott Meszaros     Photo by Michael Turner

Grand County Manager Lee Staab is retiring effective February 15th.  Three candidates are being considered for County Manager at this time; Katherine McIntire, Scott Meszaros, and Don Rosier. The county held a meet and greet with the candidates on Tuesday night at the Town Hall in Granby then a series of interviews on Wednesday.  

According to BOCC Chairman Rich Cimino, “We had three great candidate finalists. We made a decision but can’t release the names until we finalize an agreement”

Don Rosier has served in many positions, most recently as a Commissioner for Jefferson County. Katherine McIntire is currently serving as the Public Information Officer for Jefferson County. Scott Meszaros has served as the City Manager for the town of Meeker, and also served in public positions for the city of Monument.

Cimino said, “We hope to announce a new county manager and county attorney sometime next week.”  The Winter Park Times staff will post the update on our website once available.