At Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees considered Resolution 2019-09-24C, opposing the application by Igadi Ltd to Grand County for a retail marijuana establishment bordering the town. 

David Michel, with Igadi Ltd, addressed the board. Michel told the trustees he was distinctly aware of the new location’s proximity to the town of Granby. On June 3rd, he met with Mayor Paul Chavoustie and Town Manager Aaron Blair in an effort to better understand the town’s position on the proposed retail marijuana outlet, so that Igadi could make a decision on whether to move forward. The town officials also took a tour of the Igadi headquarters in Tabernash. 

Michel told the trustees that a follow up discussion with Manager Blair alluded to the town not taking a position on the matter. “That’s what I was told. Based on that information, we negotiated and signed a lease,” said Michel. He added, “Prior to submitting, I asked Aaron (Blair) if he wanted a courtesy copy of the application. I also offered for the board to come see what we are doing. Nobody took us up on our offer.”

“I was surprised to hear that the town had sent a letter of opposition.” Michel said he had never received any official information stating the town’s opposition. “It was disturbing when we found out. We spent a lot of time and took affirmative steps to move forward. We relied that this board was not going to take a position against it.”

Trustee Becky Johnson and Mayor Pro-tem Deb Shaw both said they were representing their constituents by opposing the new store. “I was here in 2010 when this room was filled with citizens that did not want marijuana in our town,” said Shaw, adding, “I am going to do what I am asked to do.”

“I want to make sure when the commissioners hear, my attempt was to be respectful. I am sorry things did not go the way I anticipated. If I had known you were taking a position, I would have engaged the town and taken it seriously into account,” said Michel.

Mayor Chavoustie admitted, “There was obviously a communication breakdown.”

Trustee Johnson motioned to approve the board’s opposition to the application submitted by Igadi, Ltd. There was a notable absence of a second to the motion. Trustee Nick Raible asked town attorney Scott Krob, “Before we second, Scotty, what are we doing here?” Krob replied, “You are in the same boat as the people that received notice within 1,000’ of the proposed site. You’re saying ‘We are a neighbor, here’s what we think’. With that explanation, Raible seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously. Trustee Natascha O’Flaherty was absent.

The town will send notice of the opposition to the county commissioners, who will make the final decision on the application.