At the Board of Trustees meeting on October 9th, the Board heard from several funding recipients seeking continued funding from the town.

Nancy Franz, with the Grand Resource and Recycle Coalition, which collects public recycling on Saturdays in the Country Ace Hardware parking lot thanked the town for their monthly contribution of $400 per month. Having just celebrated the sixth year of operation in September, Franz told the Trustees that they hoped the town will continue to give to their cause.

Trustee Johnson asked Franz whether there was a set schedule for electronics pick-up? Franz told her that Jim Miller comes over from Kremmling about once a month, but there’s not a set schedule. There is a sign with Miller’s information on it posted at the Saturday drop-off site, and, Franz added “he will come pick up from your house”. She told the Trustees that she would ask Miller if he woould be open to regularly scheduling a drop off date.

Since the program’s inception, the town has contributed $400 per month to help fund the initiative. Grand Lake also donates, since they do not have recycling available in town. The Trustees questioned whether this amount was still adequate. “Between the funds received from Granby and Grand lake and the donations received each Saturday, it’s paying the bills”, said Franz. The Drop in Fraser has also helped with volume.

Tish Linke, with Flying Heels Rodeo, was listed on the agenda to appear next, presumably with the Rodeo’s annual request for $1,000 to fund a town-sponsored prize saddle, but did not appear.

Next, Patrick Brower with the Grand Enterprise Initiative (GEI) told the Trustees that he would “love to receive funding for our effort again in 2019”.

GEI originally started in Granby in 2012 and has since expanded to a countywide initiative which has supported 360 clients. Brower told the Trustess that a client is anyone who has contacted GEI for Business Management coaching on both starting a new business or expanding an existing business. He said his list of clients includes nonprofits and some local municipalities.

Brower told the Trustees that Granby represents 31% of their overall client base and that some of the businesses GEI has helped have continued to grow. The GEI model connects businesses with resources to help them succeed, because “you can’t do it all yourself”, said Brower.

GEI was initially launched with a large grant from Marise Cipriani of Granby Ranch and funds from the Town of Granby. Since then, those funds have been reduced and the primary funding source is  Grand County. Contracted under Dianne Butler with Grand County Economic Development, the county funds $45,000 annually to GEI. Additionally, GEI receives $10,000 from Mountain Parks Electric, $10,000 from Freeport McMoran, $5,000 from the Town of Fraser, $5,000 from the Town of Granby, $3,000 from the Town of Winter Park, $3,000 fom the Town of Kremmling and $1,000 from the Town of Grand Lake, totalling $82,000 in 2018.

Brower told the Trustees that administrative costs are approximately $13,000 per year and the balance goes to paying Brower, who is a contract employee of GEI.

Brower told the Trustees that GEI Chair, Merrit Linke, had advised him that Grand County has committed another $45,000 in 2019. The GEI Board is comprised of three local business leaders: Mike Periolat, Wally Baird and Peggy Smith.

Brower said some of the local businesses he’s recently assisted include Lionshead Coffee and Mad Munchies, the new Escape Room, a Granby-based company that contracts with construction companies on installation of sound, phone, internet all over the county, and a real estate office. He added that there are also two new digital/web-related businesses based in Granby that he has been working with.

All of the businesses come to GEI by referral, and there is no active marketing of GEI’s services which are free and confidential. To find out more, visit

The Trustees were advised that the line items for each of the requests have been included in the 2019 draft budget and can be further discussed during the budget process.

Granby appoints new members to Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment

2 candidates submitted letters of interest for the open positions. Joe Fuqua has been a Granby resident since 1985 and works as a Wastewater Plant Operator, managing the Fraser water treatment plant. He told the Trustees that he was impressed with the growth over the last 6-7 years and wants to give input and be involved in development. Fuqua was appointed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Jeffrey Sanchez has been a second homeowner since May 2006 and moved to Granby full-time in 2017. Sanchez retired from his position as Deputy Chief of Poilice from the City of Englewood. He told the Trustees that he wants an opportunity to be “on the other side of the fence”. He said he is excited to see the projects going on around town and wants an opportunity to be more involved. He also told them he’d previously been the main liaison on a $27 million building project for the City of Englewood. Sanchez was appointed to the Planning Commission.

Town accepts Health, Dental, Life and Disability renewals

Town Finance Director, Sharon Spurlin, presented the renewal materials to the Board for their review and approval. The Town’s coverages renew on December 1st and the Trustees were glad to see less than a 10% increase on the medical plan, 0% increases on the dental and life coverages and minimal increase in the long-term disability coverage through Unum.

Spurlin recommended approval of the renewal. She told them that Employee Meetings are set for November 1. “Staff does appreciate the benefits and the resolution is available, if you are so inclined”, said Spurlin. “Good benefits are key to attracting and retaining good staff”, stated Trustee O’Flaherty. With that, Resolution 2018-10-09 was unanimously approved.