Photo: Fraser Valley Elementary students began using the new crosswalk signage obtained through a CDOT grant for Safe Routes to Schools this week.  Photo courtesy Sarah Wieck / Town of Fraser

2020 Budget Hearings

On November 20, the Town Board held the second of three Public Hearings regarding the 2020 Town of Fraser Budget. Budget adoption is anticipated at the next meeting on December 4th.

Per the Budget message, the town reports a strong economy, along with significant grant funds, have been helpful with completing projects in Fraser in 2019, and hopes for more of the same in 2020. In addition to baseline operations, the 2020 Budget is proposed to include the following:

  • A deed restriction program intended to help mitigate workforce housing problems.
  • Significant improvements around the Lions Ponds including a year round restroom facility, playground, and outdoor classroom.
  • Replacement and repair of failing streets including CR8, CR72 and portions of Eisenhower Drive.
  • Production and distribution projects within our water system.
  • System improvements and repairs to our wastewater collections system.
  • A tertiary treatment facility at our wastewater treatment facility.

The proposed 2020 Budget can be obtained at Town Hall or on the website at

Photo courtesy Sarah Wieck / Town of Fraser

Hang the ‘Leaving Planet Earth’ sign at your business

Local businesses in Fraser can now sign up to display the infamous “Leaving Planet Earth” sign at their businesses for a period of time. Currently, the sign can be seen at Fraser River Beer Co. until January. If you’re interested in hosting the sign in your business, contact Sarah Wieck at (970) 726-5491 ext. 218 or,

Street Operations

Street operators have been stocking up on salt sand for the winter season and moving snow in preparation for upcoming snow storms. The Zerex Street decorations for the holiday season are up and are looking quite festive. The Public Works staff also oversaw the utilities connection and road cut conducted on upper Wapiti Drive for new construction. 

A reminder that parking on town streets during the winter months is prohibited and vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Parking restrictions are specific to each street as posted on signs along the street. For more information, call (970) 726-5491, ext. 203.

Water Utilities

Photo courtesy Sarah Wieck / Town of Fraser

The water utilities crew have been working to develop additional water resources in Fraser to serve its people. The Town recently brought a new well online in order to stay ahead of the growing supply needs. The new well allows the Town to produce an additional 65 gallons per minute. The additional water will accommodate more residents and provide greater security to the current water supply. It is Fraser’s first new well in quite some time. If growth continues on a similar pace, Fraser expects to be developing new sources of water regularly moving forward.

Local Promo

The Town of Fraser has a new promotional video advertising local businesses and attractions, embodying the overall feel of our community. The video clips were taken during this fall in the Fraser Valley and focused on capturing the best parts of the community’s unique character. To view the video, visit the town’s Facebook page.

Fraser Valley Elementary students began using the new crosswalk signage obtained through a CDOT grant for Safe Routes to Schools this week. Photo courtesy Sarah Wieck / Town of Fraser

New pedestrian safety signage

Fraser Valley Elementary School made good use of the $2,139.63 they were awarded by CDOT’s Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) program this year. New signage was implemented this week to help keep students, parents and staff safe as they navigate school grounds and the surrounding area.

ACLU lawsuit to be dismissed

At the end of last week, the Town of Fraser reported they had resolved concerns brought forward in the Jensen vs Fraser litigation. Officials report the case has been resolved and will be dismissed.

 In a press release, the town stated, “Despite amending its sign code in early 2019 to address compliance with the recent Reed vs Gilbert Supreme Court decision, the Town’s mural program created challenges that resulted in the Jensen vs Fraser case. Like many communities across the nation, Fraser has been supporting the arts and encouraging creative expression and beautification throughout the community. And like most of those communities, the Town sign code’s definition of a sign versus a work of art was problematic in light of the Reed vs Gilbert requirement that sign regulations be “content neutral.” The Town of Fraser recently amended its sign code to remedy these challenges and hopes it provides a model for other communities.”

Town Manager Jeff Durbin said “while it was unfortunate that this resulted in litigation, I think this is a good resolution for the community.”

To view the Town’s Sign Code and learn more, visit