In response to Governor Polis’ Stay at Home Order imposed on Wednesday, Fraser Mayor Philip Vandernail released a statement to Fraser residents. 

“In the midst of these challenging times, we are all feeling anxious and worried about our families, our jobs, our community, and our future. As the Mayor of Fraser, I share your concerns during these extremely challenging times and assure you that countless dedicated professionals and volunteers are working together for our community,” said Mayor Vandernail.

The mayor’s statement continued, “The pandemic is real, and the risk of overwhelming our health care system in Grand County is real. It’s up to all of us, individually and collectively as a community, to avoid that disaster. We need to respect the recommendations of our health care professionals during these difficult times.

Pursuant to Governors Polis’s Stay at Home Order, effective March 26th, disposable bag fees in Fraser are suspended for 30 days. Our trash and recycling drop off facility, the Drop, will remain open (Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday, from 10am-7pm).

Fraser has been called the “Icebox of the Nation.” It takes special people to call Fraser home; our community is tough. It’s resilient. We are fortunate to have people from all walks of life call Fraser home. Despite our diversity, we are stronger together as one than the collection of our individual spirits. I am so proud to serve as Mayor of this incredible community.

As a community, we can and will get through this together.”