Tuesday’s election saw over 70% of Grand County voters having cast their ballots, Of 11,609 active voters, by Tuesday night, 8,130 had dropped off, mailed in or voted in person and election officials worked into the night to count the votes. 

By Wednesday afternoon, County Clerk & Recorder Sara Rosene reported the number had grown to over 83%. In regard to this year’s voter turnout, Rosene said, “I cannot remember the last time it got that high.” She added, “I am going to look at some old abstracts. If it is not the highest, it is pretty darn close.”

The results that appear below remain unofficial until all ballots cast locally and by military and overseas residents are counted. Certification is expected later this month.

Presidential Election

At the time of publication, the presidential election results were still undecided. In Grand County, Donald Trump received the most votes, with 4,759 (49.54%), and Joe Biden collected 4,579 (47.67%). Statewide, Biden won with 55.38% over Trump’s 42.06%.

US Senator

Grand County voters favored Republican Cory Gardner, with 4,951 votes (51.51%), and John Hickenlooper received 4,448 (46.28%). Colorado voters advanced John Hickenlooper to the US Senate, with 53.47% over Gardner’s 44.34%.

US Congress – District 2

Republican candidate Charlie Winn won Grand County’s vote, with 4,674 votes (50.48%) over Democrat Joe Neguse, at 4,241 votes (45.8%). Overall, District 2 voters (Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Eagle, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer, Park and Summit counties) re-elected Neguse, with 61.24% of votes counted.

CU Regent – District 2

Republican Dick Murphy led the Grand County vote, with 4,547 votes (51.19%), followed by Democrat Callie Renison with 3,880 (43.68%) and Libertarian Christian Vernaza with 324 (4.59%). District 2 voters (Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Eagle, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer, Park and Summit counties) elected Rennison to the seat, with 59.36% of the vote.

State Senator – District 8

In Grand County, Republican Bob Rankin captured 4,988 votes (53.91%) and Democrat Karl Hanlon trailed with 4,265 (46.09%). Regionally, District 8 (Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Routt and Summit Counties) District 8 voters re-elected Rankin in a 50.59% (42,128 votes) over 49.41% (41,142) tally.

State Representative – District 13

Republican Kevin Sipple received 4,716 (52.01%) of Grand County’s vote, followed by Democrat Judy Amabile with 3,962 (43.7%). Libertarian Jed Gilman received 389 votes (4.29%). Districtwide (Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand and Jackson counties), voters elected Amabile to the seat with 68.02% of the vote.

District Attorney – 14th Judicial District

Running unopposed, incumbent Matt Karzen received 100% of votes cast in Grand, Moffat and Routt counties.

Grand County Commissioner – District 1

Republican incumbent Richard Cimino won re-election, with 52.36% (4,709) of votes cast. Unaffiliated candidate Travis Wildeboer received 2,290 (25.46%) and James Newberry collected 1,994 (22.17%) of the votes.

 Grand County Commissioner – District 2

Republican incumbent Merrit Linke was also re-elected, capturing 57.18% (5,240) of the vote, followed by Democrat Shanna Ganne with 3,924 (42.82%).

Grand County Treasurer

Republican Frank DeLay was elected to the role of County Treasure, with 5,257 (57.22%) of votes cast. Democrat Teri Tanton received 3,931 votes (42.78%).

Amendment B: Repeal of Gallagher Amendment

Grand County voters supported this state constitutional amendment with 57.18% (5,179) voting Yes/For, and 3,878 (42.82%) voting No/Against. Statewide, the measure passed with 57.39% of voters in favor.

Amendment C: Conduct of Charitable Gaming

Grand County voters were against this state constitutional amendment with 52.98% (4,749) voting No/Against, and 4,214 (47.02%) voting Yes/Fort. Statewide, the measure received 51.90% of votes in favor, but did not meet the 55% approval needed to pass.

Amendment 76: Citizenship Qualification of Voters

Grand County voters supported this state constitutional amendment with 66.98% (6,299) voting Yes/For, and 3,106 (33.02%) voting No/Against. Statewide, the measure passed with 62.92% of voters in favor.

Amendment 77: Local Voter Approval of Casino Bet Limits and Games

Grand County voters supported the measure enabling the towns and residents of Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek to set their own limits. 58.55% (5,290) voted Yes/For, and 3,745 (41.45%) voted No/Against. Statewide, the measure passed with 60.07% of voters in favor.

Proposition EE: Taxes on Nicotine Products

Grand County voted in favor of this proposed tax, with 67.84% (6,376) voting Yes/For, and 3,022 (32.16%) voting No/Against. Statewide, the measure passed with 67.73% of voters in favor.

Proposition 113: Adopt Agreement to elect US President by National Popular vote

The Grand County vote on this contest was split, with 51.96% of voters (4,844) saying No/Against and 48.04% (4,478) in favor. Statewide, Proposition 113 (SB 19-042) passed with 52.17% of the vote.

Proposition 114: Reintroduction and Management of Gray Wolves

64.35% (5,993) of Grand County voters said No to the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado. 3,320 (35.65%) voted Yes/For. Statewide, the margin was much closer, with 50.32% voting Yes/For and 49.68% voting No/Against. 

Proposition 115: Prohibit Abortions after 22 weeks

In Grand County, 60.20% (5,598) voted No/Against and 39.80% (3,701) voted Yes/For Proposition 115. Statewide, 58.88% voted against it and the measure failed.

Proposition 116: State Income Tax Reduction

58.78% (5,474) of Grand County voters said Yes to an $.08 decrease in the State Income Tax rate, from 4.63% to 4.55%. 41.22% (3,838) voted against the proposition. Statewide, the measure passed, with 57.48% of the vote.

Proposition 117: Voter Approval for Certain New State Enterprises

Grand County voters split this vote pretty evenly, with 51.01% (4,442) in favor and 48.99% (4,266) voting against. Statewide, the measure passed with 52.46% of the vote.

Proposition 118: Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

In another tight race, 50% (4,587) of Grand County voters said No to creation of a paid family and medical leave program, and 50% (4,587) said Yes/For. Colorado voters passed the measure, with 57% in favor and 43% against.

De-Gallagherization Ballot Issues

Grand County (1A), along with the towns of Fraser (2D), Kremmling (2A) and Winter Park (2C), the Fraser Metropolitan Recreation District (6B) and Kremmling Fire Protection District (6A) all successfully passed measures to adjust their mill levy to offset financial deficits brought about by the Gallagher amendment. Passage of the statewide repeal of Gallagher negates the local efforts, taking effect on January 1, 2021.

Winter Park Ballot Issue 2B: Regulated Marijuana and Taxation

The residents of Winter Park passed the measure to collect a 5% sales tax on sales of recreational marijuana and products. While the Town still does not allow for marijuana sales within town limits, it now allows for discussion to amend the code. 401 (64.47%) voted in favor and 221 (35.53%) were against.

East Grand School District No. 2 Ballot Issue 4A: $1 million tax increase to attract and retain teachers and staff

4,584 (60.84%) of district residents voted in favor of the measure, and 2,950 (39.16%) voted No/Against. 

Colorado River Water Conservation District Ballot Issue 7A: Mill Increase

Grand County voters favored this measure, with 70.95% (6,541) saying Yes/For, and 29.05% (2,678) saying No/Against. Shared between Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Mesa, Moffat, Montrose, Ouray, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, Saguache and Summit counties, the measure passed, with 72.11% of votes cast in support of the increase.

Granby Municipal Election

Running uncontested, Joshua Hardy was elected Mayor, receiving 100% (885) of votes cast. In the race to fill three Trustee seats, Kristie DeLay received 629 votes, Chris Michalowski received 527, and Rebecca Quesada received 524 votes. The three trustees will take office at the first meeting in January 2021. Since Trustee Joshua Hardy’s seat will also be vacant, the trustees will appoint another trustee to fill the seat for the remainder of his term.

To view updated election information, visit co.grand.co.us/147/elections.