In a special meeting held Thursday afternoon, December 3, the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to terminate County Manager Kate McIntire’s contract 2-1.

The meeting was held in public, at McIntire’s request. She asked for reasons why the BOCC had chosen the direction to terminate, when no matters of concern had been discussed with her previous to the meeting.

None of the commissioners voiced any specific incidents which led to the contract termination.

Commissioner Richard Cimino motioned to terminate the contract. Commissioner Chair Kristen Manguso voted “aye” and Commissioner Merrit Linke voted “nay”, saying “I feel that this is wrong.”  He said he felt the decision was unexpected and he didn’t agree with the process at that point.

Commissioners Cimino and Manguso requested the contract termination be immediate, however legal counsel advised there was a 45-day notification period in McIntire’s contract.