At their first meeting of the new year, Commissioner Kris Manguso assumed the role of Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) chair.

The commissioners worked through a number of Resolutions for 2020 start of business:

Resolution No. 2020-1-1: a resolution of actions necessary to begin the work for Grand County for the year 2020;

Resolution No. 2020-1-2: a resolution appointing the County Manager to serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners;

Resolution No. 2020-1-3: a resolution setting forth certain statutory requirements by the Board of County Commissioners, to-wit, actions concerning meeting dates; building closure and meeting schedules for the year of 2020; legal newspaper and place of posting meeting notices;

Resolution No. 2020-1-4: a resolution authorizing the county assessor to review for abatement or refund and to settle by written mutual agreement any such petition for abatement or refund in an amount of $5,000 or less per tract, parcel or lot of land or per schedule of personal property;

Resolution No. 2020-1-5: a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners approving the standard mileage rate of reimbursement for 2020 ($.57.5 per mile); setting the maximum employee daily allowance for meals and incidental expenses for 2020 ($69 per day); and, setting the monthly reimbursement for use of personal cell phones for 2020 ($25 per month);

Resolution No. 2020-1-6: a resolution continuing the position of County Attorney to serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners;

Resolution No. 2020-1-7: a resolution appointing the Veterans Service Officer;

Resolution No. 2020-1-8: a resolution by the Board of County Commissioners defining duties and authority of the County Manager with respect to employees appointed to various positions, departments and offices;

Resolution No. 2020-1-9: a resolution by the Grand County Board of Human Services defining duties and authority of the County Manager with respect to the Grand County Department of Human Services; and,

Resolution No. 2020-1-10: a resolution by the Grand County Board of Health defining duties and authority of the County Manager with respect to the Grand County Department of Public Health and the Grand County Health Officers.

All resolutions were approved unanimously.

New Health Insurance program off to rocky start

On January 1, 2020, the county’s health coverage switched from CIGNA to Peak Health Alliance. Several employees came forward during the meeting to report their 2020 plan enrollment was not transferred accurately and that care had been denied at provider facilities.

County Manager Kate McInitre explained that the county’s benefit consulting firm, HUB, was the contact for employees to pursue correction. She told the employees that her office would push out another informational email to advise employees of the proper steps to take for resolution.

Road & Bridge certifies CDOT H.U.T.F. mileage

Superintendent Chris Baer presented the mileage for distribution of CDOT Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) funds, which had been certified as of December 31, 2019. The report showed:

156.210 miles of arterial streets

612.839 miles of local streets

769.049 total miles of HUT eligible streets

59.619 miles of non-HUT eligible (maintained by others)

36.840 miles of non HUT eligible (not maintained)

Baer also recommended that road hearings be suspended again in 2020. “Until we get funds and resources to sustain them, we are not in a position to accept new roads.”

Commissioner Rich Cimino asked if this was normal within the other 64 counties in the state. Baer told him he knew Routt and Summit were both suspended. County Manager Kate McIntire said they would do more research and discuss again when preparing the 2021 budget.

Colorado Workforce Office Closes

The Workforce Center, located in Granby, closed in December when the director moved away. The lease with the county expires at the end of February, leaving the county with additional space to be used for alternate needs. County Manager McIntire said she would review the space and make suggestions for use of the vacant space.

Kremmling citizens petition reinstatement of Police Chief Lucas

In the BOCC dropbox, a petition had been submitted to the Supreme Court Regulations Council, State Attorney General, Grand County Manager and Board of County Commissioners requesting reinstatement of Kremmling Police Chief Jamie Lucas. 

The petitioner, Bridget Ryszkowski, had gathered 147 signatures in support of the request.

Commissioner Merrit Linke questioned the commissioners’ role and authority in the matter. 

County Attorney Chris Leahy told the commissioners that he had spoken with District Attorney Matt Karzen. Karzen told Leahy he welcomed the commissioners contacting him by phone or in person, as he is in Grand County two days a week.

Commissioner Chair Manguso asked if they could meet in an executive session, “so we all hear the same thing”. 

Leahy said there were no statutes that allowed for a discussion on the matter with the DA in a closed setting, since the recording of the executive session could be requested later. 

Manguso said, “The only role I see is information gathering. The Sheriff’s Office is now patrolling Kremmling at no charge, which takes them off of other duties where they get paid. That is a concern of ours. This whole issue happened in unincorporated Grand County. It has negatively affected the town of Kremmling and it involves another town – Winter Park, who are conducting the investigation. This could be a very big deal and at a minimum, we should be informed.”

Linke said, “Right now, we don’t have a clear role. The information we gather right now might be critical in the future.”  

Manguso directed McIntire and Leahy, “The three of us would like to set this up either as an Executive Session or as a workshop with the DA. Let’s see how that goes.”

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners meet the first four Tuesdays of every month at 8:30 am. To listen to the meetings and learn more, visit