Here in Grand County, there’s a movement afoot to reduce our impacts on the environment. We’re remembering to take our stash of reusable bags to the grocery store, avoiding single-use plastics, bringing our own ‘to go’ containers when we go out to eat and recycling what’s left. The only thing we haven’t gotten good at is composting.

Each year, the US sends over 50 million tons of compostable waste to the landfill and it is estimated that basic composting could reduce that amount by 30-40%. The question is, how do we do it en masse here in Grand County?

Local nonprofit, Infinite West, has been leading the charge for sustainability since the late 2000’s. Last spring, they held a Community Composting Workshop that proved composting could be quite successful at our elevation. The workshop highlighted several composting methods that would put organic matter, otherwise destined for the landfill, to better use. While efforts to find an ideal location for community composting have stalled, there are still ways for us to compost while living among wildlife in the high country.

One of those methods is “permanent agriculture” or “permaculture”. This method works with natural elements such as the sun, wind and water to provide nutrients and shelter to your garden. 

On Sunday, September 22nd, from 10 am – 2 pm, Infinite West is hosting a Permaculture Composting Workshop at Sisu Farms in Granby. Trish Cyman, professional permaculturist, will lead the hands-on (hands dirty) composting workshop using permaculture methods and philosophy. Participants will observe, learn and build examples of permaculture beds using recycled materials and compostable household waste that will keep it out of the landfill and result in a natural, low-maintenance, sustainable mountain garden. 

Funded by a grant from the Grand Foundation, the event, ‘Permaculture: What is it & Why do it?’, is free and open to everyone.

Sisu Farms is located at 405 County Road 61 (2nd property west of the high school). The workshop will start with a Permaculture Introduction at 10:15 am; Raised Beds from 10:30-11; Keyhole Garden from 11-noon; Spiral Garden 12:15-1:15 pm; and finish up with the Pallet Bin from 1:15 – 2 pm. 

To learn more, visit the Infinite West Facebook page.