October’s full moon will occur a little after 3 pm on Sunday, October 13th. The full moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal because it will rise close to sunset. The moon-illusion phenomenon occurs when the full moon is near the horizon, tricking your mind into thinking the moon is bigger.

Native Americans named each of the full moons after features they associated with the seasons. The full moon closest to the first day of fall is referred to as the Harvest Moon, and the Hunter’s Moon immediately follows. While the Harvest Moon typically falls in September, and the Hunter’s Moon follows in October, about every three years, the full moon in October occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, and the Hunter’s Moon moves to November. The Hunter’s Moon likely got its name from the time of year, when meat was stored for the long winter ahead.

Next month’s full moon, known as the Beaver Moon, will occur on November 12th.