KFFR Community Radio in Fraser still has the lights on and hopes to return local volunteer announcers to the airwaves in early July. Like many other businesses in Grand County KFFR had to stomp on the brakes to protect the community during the COVID-19 outbreak. And like other local businesses, this non-profit radio station is going to nudge the doors open with new protocols to protect volunteers.

Since mid-March the radio station transitioned to a robust local news and information outlet. After state restrictions came online station programmer Steve Skinner began broadcasting the “KFFR Coronacast,” weekdays from 9-11 a.m. starting March 15. For most of those broadcasts Skinner was joined by veteran broadcaster and new Grand County resident, Stacy Stein.

“We just followed our curiosity and our instincts,” said Skinner. We’ve talked with anyone who was willing, from law enforcement to medical personnel to teachers to business owners to members of the Grand County COVID-19 Emergency Response Team,” he said.

Skinner has recorded more than 100 interviews with guests ranging from national medical figures like Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. David Katz and Dr. Amy MacNeill from Colorado State University, to local leaders like Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin, Grand County Commissioner Rich Cimino, and Grand County COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator Schelly Olson.

“We want to serve the community as only a local radio station can and because of the lockdown a lot of wonderful guests have been available. We are also interested in providing unbiased broadcast journalism featuring experts in their fields talking about their area of expertise,” Skinner noted.

“Because we are small and flexible we were able to provide this programming without bumping into a stiff schedule like you find on NPR stations,” he said.

Many of the interviews have been presented as podcasts and most are available for listening and downloading at KFFR.org.

At this time KFFR is an all-volunteer organization. Much of the station’s funding has slowed as the local business community has taken a big economic hit. KFFR is funded by business underwriting, events, membership donations and select grants. Members of the community that want to support the mission to provide public access radio that connects community members to one another and the world are encouraged to make a donation at KFFR.org.

For programming suggestions or to enquire about an interview, contact Steve Skinner at steve@kffr.or.