The weekend of August 7-8, the Town of Fraser and its local businesses will play host to the 2020 Fraser Mountain Mural Walk. 

The second annual event will look much different from last year’s festival, where the artists created their 8’ x 8’ murals on the site of the future Center for Creative Arts in Frodo. 

Instead, to keep the public and the artists safe during the pandemic, twenty mural artists from across the region will be dispersed around town at local businesses located along US 40, and the public is encouraged to take a walk to see the artists’ work, cast a vote for your favorites and bid on the murals, which will be available immediately following the event. 

Sarah Wieck, Marketing and Development Manager for the Town of Fraser, said, “We have created an awesome walking festival. We want people to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.” This year’s event is going to bring people to the business core for the town and Wieck said, “We have a nice layout. We are hoping it will drive people into our local business,” adding, “I am looking forward to this event.  I think it will highlight the town and get people outside.”

The information center for the event is going to be staged at the site of the future home of the Fraser Center for the Creative Arts in the downtown area affectionately called FRODO. There will be an information booth and several artists, and you can also put your mark on the Chaos Painting located in the park.  Wieck said, “The route through town will allow people to bounce back and forth to find the 20 murals.”  You can check in at each mural, similar to a scavenger hunt and register to win prizes.

The artists will begin painting at 9 am on Friday and the murals will be completed by Saturday afternoon at 4 pm.

Participating Artists:

  • Hector Palacios – Denver
  • Tess Fuqua – Denver
  • Echo Zoyiopoulos & Michelle Mitchell – Fraser
  • Monica McFarlin – Granby
  • Cori Anderson – Winter Park
  • Clinton Reynolds – Denver
  • Jason T Graves & Remington Robinson – Boulder
  • Ryan Sasso & Christina Senac – Winter Park
  • Sean & Ana Yarbrough – Fraser
  • Alko / Corinne Szymczak / Trujillo – Denver
  • Eagle Flame – Denver
  • Philip Newsome – Evergreen
  • Eric Weatherford – Decatur, IL
  • Jim Salazar – Abilene, TX
  • Ux Sepia – Denver
  • Robert Carbajal – Denver
  • Phyllis Anderson – Winter Park
  • Trisha Bellefeuille – Hot Sulphur Springs
  • The Designosaur – Denver
  • Walter Macias – Denver

The Mural Auction will go live on the handbid app on Thursday and closes at 1 pm on Sunday, August 9th. The proceeds from winning bids will be split 50/50 between the artist and the Fraser Center for Creative Arts 501(c)3. This is a key fundraiser for the future Center, envisioned to provide a Work/Create/Live space for artisans.

A walking map and platform to vote and bid is available at