The popular “Colorado Experience Road Show” presented by The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media (COFTM) and Rocky Mountain PBS returns for the 2017 season and features local legend “Doctor Susan Anderson” or Doc Susie if you prefer. The sneak peak of the premier that aired live on PBS October 26th was held at Adolfs Event Center in old town Winter Park Wednesday, October 25. Close to a 100 people were on hand for the screening.  Gigi Dominguez owner of Adolfs  said, “This is a great turn out and we are excited to hosts events like this for the community”  The Dominguez Famly opens the old town facility for Apres Skis Happy Hour during the ski season daily from 4-7pm serving beers and light fare.

The Emmy award-winning series, “Colorado Experience,” produced by Rocky Mountain PBS explores the people, places, and events that have shaped Colorado. Each ½ hour episode presents Colorado history in an entertaining, quick-paced and educational format featuring interviews with experts and historical photos from various libraries and museums across the State.

“There are so many amazing stories (in Colorado),” said Julie Speer, creator of the series and director of culture content for Rocky Mountain PBS. “We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to bring them to television so everyone can learn the rich history of Colorado.”

“Colorado Experience” is currently the highest rated, locally produced show on Rocky Mountain PBS. Season Five of “Colorado Experience” premiered Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m. on Rocky Mountain PBS.

The story of Doc Susie is well known in most circles throughout Grand County but Ida Sheriff has first hand knowledge and was good friends with the famous doctor.  Ida said, “They did a good job showing how caring Doc Susie was with her patients and community”

Doc Susie served Grand County for decades and passed away in 1960.

For a complete look at her life stop by Cozens Ranch Museum or the Pioneer Village Museum. If you want a good read pick up a copy of  “Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies”

Book by Virginia Cornell