“Moon o’er the Divide, very pretty!
As this super moon cruises slow and low across our view, we calmly and collectively as a community ask the universe to bring that white gold from the heavens.
Dump your powdery bounty upon us Ullr, our happiness and prosperity depend on your grace.
Bring forth the Arctic air blast, pound mightily the continental divide with your blizzardy presence.
We are but a humble Ski town, ready to serve our neighbors and host our visitors.
Please, let your white blanket cover us all, this small group of high altitude locals beseech thee.”

  • from the Fraser, Colorado Facebook page


On the night of the super moon, a small group gathered in a Fraser backyard, dreaming of the next powder day, which until that night, had been elusive to the community this season.  A community dependent upon snowfall, which serves to spur local economy.

As skis and snowboards were piled on to the brilliantly lit fire, each participant bowed their head and asked Ullr, the norse god of snow, to bring forth the much-needed white gold.  The flames rose as did the super moon and the Mary Jane Ales, and the vibes were set forth into the night sky.

The next morning, we awoke to a snow laiden view that brought 7 beautiful inches to the mountain. Some may believe it was just part of a system that had been forecast, but those of us that were in that backyard know that our sacrifice to Ullr helped bring the snow. Thank you, Ullr, we are very grateful for this blessing, and, we would appreciate it if you could send some more our way very soon!

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” – Lena Horne