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Grand County Community of Writers

Martin Smith

Martin Smith. Photo by Khour

Open House: August 22, 2017  5:30pm-8:30pm, Granby Library
Come and learn about a one-of a kind writing program! The Grand County Library District is launching a writing program designed to encourage and develop the skills of local writers. Th program will be lead by Martin J. Smith, a lifelong journalist, author of five novels and four non-fiction books and a long-term faculty member of the Squaw Valley (Calif.) Community of Writers.  Smith will conduct a series of fiction workshops in September designed to help aspiring novelists gain skills for story, character builds and vision through a step-by-step process. In October, he plans on offering a workshop designed to help nonfiction writers develop skills for journalism, essays, and memoirs.

Stephanie Ralph, the library district’s executive director is hosting a reception for interested participants Tuesday, Aug. 22, 5:30pm at the Granby Library. The reception will highlight the goals of the workshop, explain the standards for participation, and  fall workshop dates.


Annual HTA Duckie Race
Come get your ducks in a row and purchase some duckies for our Annual HTA Duckie Race! This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a fun event while giving back to the multi-use trails throughout Grand County. We will be racing 1000 ducks down the Fraser River! The Proceeds from purchased ducks will go directly towards the maintenance of the many trails of Grand County. With your purchased ducks, you will have several chances to win some fantastic prizes donated by number establishments throughout the County! The odds are great, and the race is fun!

Info: (970) 726-1013  Buy duckies online through our website: www.headwaterstrails.org.
Cost of Ducks:  1 duckie= $5   Cluck of Ducks (3)=$12  Flock of Ducks (12)= $40

Meet us at the HTA office at 120 Zerex Street, Fraser, CO 80442.   Race starts at 11am.

You do not need to be present for your purchased duckies to win, but your duckies will need some encouragement and cheering to help them cross the finish line! We hope to see you there!


Ann Stricklin

Ann Stricklin. Photo by Penny Hamilton

Striklin Won the Cookie Jar Award
Ann Striklin, long-time East Grand resident, won the annual Commissioners’ Cookie Jar contest held Saturday, August 12, in Kremmling at the 101st Middle Park Fair & Rodeo. In addition to bragging rights to best cookie, Stricklin won a small cash award. She beat out 26 other entries in the adult category so it was a very competitive field of first-class cookie bakers. Ann was the 2015 Grand County Historical Association Volunteer of the Year. She helped staff the GCHA educational booth at the County Fair this year where her award prize was delivered to her by Cookie Jar Superintendent, Teri Linke.

Free Chipping Day August 26th in Granby
The Grand County Wildfire Council will  host one ultimate Community Chipping Day on Saturday, August 26th behind the Granby Fire Department. Thanks to the Grand Foundation’s $2,000 grant award to the GCWC, we are able to offer one supplementary day with a unique “JUNK THE JUNIPERS” twist! Bring us your yard debris, slash and most importantly, any COMMON JUNIPER
shrubs! These plants contain resins that are highly flammable and do not belong near your home. Firefighters nickname them “gasoline plants”! The first 20 attendees to “Junk the Junipers” and bring at least one load of slash to our FREE chipping site (located behind Grand Fire headquarters station), will receive a $100 voucher to use at participating local landscaping/garden stores to purchase more fire resistant “Firewise” plants or noncombustible landscaping materials.  Visit firewise.org for more resources and information!


Grand Angels
Grand Angels is an all volunteer tear of Grand County neighbors who care about their neighbors in need of a hand up. The team’s motto is “NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS” and the mission is “No child neighbor, especially a child, should go hungry whether it be for food, education or opportunities to maximize their potential.”  In collaboration with county agencies, organizations, employers and citizens, neighbors are helped as they reach out either with their own needs or needs of neighbors.  In 2016 –

1)   173 calls were taken via the crisis hotline.
2)   Over 200 were fed. (40% of those were hungry Grand KIDS).
3)   227 kids shopped for “free” gifts for parents/pets at the annual Secret Santa shop.
4)   195 kids were gifted with Christmas gifts.
5)   152 families were gifted $100 grocery gift cards at Christmas.
6)   706 neighbors helped – some financially, some through a referral to another more qualified assistance resource, some through just a phone call back and a compassionate, listening heart.

In total, this all volunteer team has helped over 13,000 neighbors in one way or the other since their inception in 2004.  NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS works!  Grand County cares and shares.  Want to learn more.

bearBears on the Move
The bear population in the Colorado Mountains is at an all time high, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.   In Grand County sitings are common this time of year as the bears are foraging for the winter hibernation.

Every year the CPW receives hundreds of calls and complaints concerning black bears.
Most of the complaints are of bears raiding garbage containers, bird feeders, and pet food left outdoors. Some people even intentionally feed bears (a big no no).  As a result, the animals often become habituated to humans and become a nuisance.  As Colorados human population increases throughout the mountains, bear interactions will continue to increase.

Nationwide bear management experience has shown the life expectancy of nuisance bears may be less than half of that of wild bears that do not have contact with humans.

There are no other alternatives but to destroy bears that have become a nuisance or threat to human safety.  
As fall approaches, bears look for easier and more nutritious food sources than their naturally occurring foods, and the likelihood of bear sightings may increase.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife encourages residents to educate themselves by being bear aware.
Help keep communities safe by preserving the wild nature of bears by following these few simple tips:

  • Do not feed bears
  • Store garbage in bear-proof containers or in a manner that is inaccessible to bears
  • Keep pet food indoors and feed pets in the house or garage
  • Do not add food to your compost piles
  • Keep cooking grills clean, covered or stored indoors when not in use

Often all that is required to prevent bear-human conflicts is to simply stop feeding bears, properly store garbage, remove access to bird feeders, and/or keep pet food indoors.


2017 Participants in no particular order: Zanna Berman, Ellie Brooks, Forrest Crame, Kendall Glancey, Kieran Guziur, Indi Hale, Madison Kussow, Lillian Lemorande, Madison Liliard, Flynn Livingston, Sierra Manyak, Alivia Martin, Ecko Priebe, Benjamin Stone, Anna Vessell, Laila Waldow, Andrew Young, Riley Young

FVMRD Youth Theatre Camp
The Fraser Valley Rec District gives big thanks to the Winter Park / Fraser Chamber and Town of Winter Park for hosting the Kidstage production of Aladdin. A special thanks to Jeremy Kennel for sound and putting us on the Jumbotron. A wonderful opportunity for the youth in the Fraser Valley.


Winter Park Underpass
TOWN OF WINTER PARK, a Colorado home rule municipal corporation; Filed a VERIFIED COMPLAINT FOR DECLARATORY AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF against CORNERSTONE WINTER PARK HOLDINGS, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company; WEST MOUNTAIN METROPOLITAN DISTRICT, a Title 32 metropolitan district; and C. CLARK LIPSCOMB, an individual in Grand County District court on Friday, August 11th 2017.  The document cited Unlawful Access, Use and Attempted Connection to Kings Crossing Road as one of its general allegations and the document contained 159 paragraphs citing topics of consideration for the district court judge to utilize as reference and ruling.

In reading through the document the complaint cites, access, road damage, unauthorized development, construction traffic and not obtaining the proper approvals as the basis of request for relief. Drew Nelson, Town Manager for Winter Park would not comment on the latest action by the Town of Winter Park “due to pending litigation”. The document has a lengthy explanation for the injunctive relief request.

WP RR Underpass projectClark Lipscomb stated, “We have tried to meet with Town officials regarding the project” and were denied such meeting.  According to an email provided by Lipscomb the Town of Winter Park responded to the meeting request with stipulations to the meeting but it isn’t clear if the formally denied such request.

According to court documents, two citations have been issued  by Police Chief Glen Trainer to employees of CornerStone Holdings Winter Park, LLC working on the project. 

Staff at Winter Park Times are trying to get answers regarding the position of both sides of the issue. It is unclear if the town of Winter Park is for or against the Underpass.  Today, preparatory work continues to move the Underpass closer to completion. The next ruling will shine a spotlight on the future of the project. 

Click here to read the document >>


Housing Assistance Program Accepting Applications
Grand Foundation’s Winter Park Housing Assistance Fund is now taking applications!  To view the requirements and application go to: http://grandfoundation.com/Grants


1. Funding for applicants will be prioritized upon economic need.  
2. This Fund supports full-time residents only.
3. Funding will be considered to include but not limited to, members of the Winter Park workforce, disabled residents of Winter Park, former members of the Winter Park workforce (retired) and Winter Park families. As defined by the Town of Winter Park. An applicant is considered to be a member of the Winter Park workforce if they work 30 hours a week or 1200 hours a year in a job located within Winter Park or in a job that predominately serves the residents of Winter Park (even if the location is outside of the Town).  New residents will be considered for assistance if they have employer sponsorship.  If there are any questions about whether a job is qualified, please contact the Housing Coordinator for the Town of Winter Park at jcrone@wpgov.com .
4. Priorities for assistance are to be used for housing within the boundaries of the Town of Winter Park. Assistance must be used either by a member of the Winter Park workforce or for housing located within the boundaries of Winter Park.  You can confirm whether you live in Winter Park by contacting the Housing Coordinator for the Town, jcrone@wpgov.com , or by viewing the parcel map online
5. Individuals should be applying for assistance in the form of rental assistance, move-in assistance (i.e. first or last month’s rent), and or down payment assistance for home purchases.
6. This Fund will be used specifically for housing assistance by providing applicants with direct payments to their housing providers.
7. This Donor Advised Fund of the Grand Foundation will not participate in any political campaign on behalf of any issues or candidates.
8. If an individual receives duplicate funding for a request, the Housing Assistance Fund monies awarded must be returned.
9. Distribution of funds will be made to the housing providers as the funds are needed and requested.  Special circumstances may apply.
10. Requests not following the Application Requirements and Fund Guidelines will not be considered for funding. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
11. Request for prior monies due for housing assistance will not be considered for funding (i.e. back rent).  
12. An advisory committee will make funding decisions based on economic need and upon completion of committee meetings all applicants will be notified of funding decisions.  Please realize that it takes several days to reach all individuals.  
13. All funding decisions by the committee are to be considered final.  Any changes to approved grant requests must be discussed and reviewed with the committee prior to any use of granted funds.
14. Applicants can only apply once annually.