When it comes to technology, I have been the grouchy character in Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  I do not like technology, here or there. I do not like technology anywhere!

Growing up in the 70s pre-technology, my family would check out a stack of library books before a vacation.  Getting car sick was worth having the confined time and space to read as we ventured 5 hours north to New Hampshire.   Now, as I travel on my own, I always carry two bags -one light tote with minimal clothing while my backpack is weighed down with books and magazines I long to read.

I was skeptical that I would ever move beyond liking the physical appeal of a hard copy book or magazine even as I started a new career at GCLD.   Shelly, from the Kremmling Library, convinced me to give Overdrive a try. I was dubious. We loaded the “Libby” app and checked out an online book from Grand County Library District’s Overdrive onto my phone.  It was really quite simple. Thanks to Shelly, this was the start of a positive technology experience.

My first audiobook, A Man Called Ove, was devoured while driving throughout the county.  Was I softening to technology?

I have since listened to various books out of the 27,087 choices offered to GCLD’s patrons without even having to go to the physical library.  Overdrive is a resource shared by dozens of other libraries in our consortium, allowing us to afford a wide range of titles for patrons. Think of a massive library, with all genres, for all ages, available at your fingertips at 3 am, on the road, or in the privacy of your home.  You just need your GCLD card and the free Libby app. If I can do it, so can you!

Was there more to like in this realm of technology? Yes!  RB Digial Magazines offers more than 200 titles, from news and entertainment to cooking and crafts to sports and health.  The Atlantic, Outdoor Life, Skiing, and Yoga are just a sampling of what you can download onto the device of your choice and read at your leisure.  For those times you just want to watch a video, Kanopy allows you to stream a variety of movies, documentaries, and television shows. This on-demand streaming platform does require internet or data to be viewed on your device.  Kanopy is perfect for rainy days, airport delays, or for when the movie watching mood strikes.

My shoulders are already thanking GCLD from the weight I carry onto a plane in magazines alone.  I will try more technology, Sam I Am.

The next time I stuck in the Cleveland airport for 6 hours, I’m watching Harold and Maude, listening to an audiobook, or reading a downloaded magazine.

My shoulders are going to feel much better on vacation without the need of my backpack.  I am converted! I do like technology, Sam I am! Thank you, thank you GCLD!

Visit online resources at http://gcld.org/ebooks-and-learning-tools.

Tallie Gray is the Director of Library Resources for the Grand County Library District.