The election coming up on November 5 includes two important ballot issues that will have long-lasting impact statewide. 

On Thursday, October 17 at 5 PM, Count Me In Colorado and Grand County Rural Health are sponsoring an informational discussion on ballot issues and will touch on the 2020 census at the Fraser Library. The event is free, open to everyone and will even have light snacks.

You’ve probably already received your official “2019 State Ballot Information Booklet,” commonly called the “Blue Book” in the mail. The Blue Book is published by the state of Colorado and gives a brief summary of the pros and cons of the issues, but the discussion on the 17th will give you an opportunity to go beyond the Blue Book. This is your chance to get your questions about the ballot issues answered, hear what others in our community are thinking and to have your ideas heard. 

Count Me In is a statewide civic engagement effort that sparks conversation about the power we have to influence the public investments that shape our communities. Count Me In does not advocate one way or another on the issues, but rather presents what the ballot measures say in an objective way and lead a discussion on how our decisions affect our communities.

Visit the Count Me In website for information on the ballot issues, including groups who support or oppose them, to learn how to register to vote and more at

An educated decision maker is the best decision maker and is fundamental to the success of democracy.