Photo: Artist Lyle Nichols stands with his work, ‘Repurposing the Globe’ at Cozens Ranch Open Space        Photo by Casey Malon


On Monday morning, artist Lyle Nichols drove from his home in Palisade over to the town of Fraser to deliver his latest work, “Repurposing the Globe”. Part of the Fraser Public Arts Committee’s 2019 Sculpture program, Nichols’ is the first of three commissioned sculptures to be placed around the town of Fraser this summer.

The sculpture, which weighs about 300 pounds, is set on a rusted steel cylindrical base and features about 240 horseshoes repurposed by local ranches, Drowsy Water Ranch and Bar Lazy J, into the shape of a globe, hence the name. 

Unlike the other sculptures in the PAC program, ‘Repurposing the Globe’ will remain on permanent display, on the eastern side of Cozens Ranch Open Space, near the bridge.

“I’m retired, and I wasn’t going to take any more commission work,” said Nichols. When PAC member, Ken Ball, approached him with the idea of creating the sculpture out of materials (horseshoes) collected and provided by the town, he said “I liked the idea.” He agreed to a stipend to cover the cost of materials and granted the sculpture to the town on Monday afternoon.

When Nichols and the town’s public works staff completed the installation, Nichols observed, “It throws a great shadow when the sun’s out.”

Nichols’ studio is his barn and yard, where he has turned chunks of sandstone and rusted metal into unusual and often humorous works of art. His pieces are on display in downtown Grand Junction, Palisade and Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was also featured on an episode of American Pickers entitled “Cowzilla in Colorado”.

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