Photo: It is said ‘timing is everything’ and commissioning artist Skye Walker to create the mural on Camber Brewing Company’s south wall proved serendipitous for Fraser’s PAC. With a narrow window for completion and some crazy spring weather, the artist added a colorful splash to downtown Fraser with a little cooperation from Mother Nature.     Photo by Sarah Wieck


The Fraser Public Arts Committee (PAC) Mural Program approved several mural projects to be completed this summer. Selection criteria included accessibility, contemporary relevance, feasibility and permanence. Watch for more colorful additions to be added in the coming months and, don’t miss the town’s first Fraser Mountain Mural Festival, coming the weekend of July 25-27.


Headwaters Trails Alliance’s new shed got a mural makeover last week when artist John Hastings, known by the moniker ‘RUMTUM’, came to town. On the edge of Fraser’s ‘Walk-through-history’ park, the shed will most definitely be a highlight of the tour this summer. Photo by Sarah Wieck