Kiera Barr

Going to school in Granby taught me that friends become family when you are involved in sports and your community. I grew up in Grand County, so I will be leaving behind my family and most of my memories. Growing up here and going to school with most of the same students for the majority of my life has really made learn to work with people well and learn how to act in public. I’m going to miss all of my personal connections between everyone.

Next year I will be attending McCook community college in Nebraska in order to play Volleyball and to further my education. I had gone to a tryout in McCook and found out that the coach wanted me to play next year, which is something that I wanted as well. I received a scholarship that will partially cover school costs. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to continue to play volleyball and become a better athlete. The coolest thing I’ve ever done was playing at the Denver  Coliseum for a state volleyball tournament. Playing with the best of the best was an amazing opportunity and it gave me motivation on becoming the best player I could.

15 years from now I wish to see myself coaching, traveling and working as a nurse. I want to travel all over the world to really gain a sense of respect for every culture that I can. Being humble is an important life trait to me that I hope to further through traveling.


– Favorite animal: dog

– Favorite band: dirty heads or sublime

– Favorite movie: Napoleon Dynamite

– Favorite book: any cookbook ever

Jesse Hoyhtya

From going to school at Middle Park, I have taken away the idea that every person is more capable than they believe. Each person has the ability to work hard towards their goals and overcome obstacles, it is just a matter of buckling down and doing it. Speaking of which, I’m graduating a year early. I’m planning on going to college at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.  I chose this school because they have an amazing, hands-on, marine biology program, they offer a major in zoology, and they have an incredible language program. (The fact that it is in Hawai’i helps too!)

15 years from now, I hope I will be working in an environmental conservation field. I have general goals, but I like to keep the future open, I never know what may happen to change my mind. As long as I am happy in the end, I think my goals for the next 15 years will have been met. The thing I love to do the most is learning, I love having an ever-changing and expanding perception of the world around me. There is just so much to discover.

The coolest thing I have ever done is travel to Iceland. It is beautiful there and is an experience I won’t ever forget.


– Animal: Dik Dik (sounds weird, but they are adorable!) or Black-Footed Cats

– Band: The Interrupters

– Movie: Sherlock Holmes

– Book: Inkheart


Emma EneboTransferring into such a small, closely knit school and community was a helpful change for me. I really appreciated the support network of my amazing teachers. They were really inspiring and motivating role models for me. With their help, I learned the importance of protecting our natural world and pursuing knowledge throughout my life. I am thankful to have been a part of this school.

Next year, I will be attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I will be studying Environmental Science and the school has many opportunities for hands-on research and learning. They even have a tree inside their forestry building.

Fifteen years from now, I will be outside enjoying Colorado and protecting its environment. The coolest thing I’ve ever done is visit Paris with my Mom. We had an adventure: we climbed the Eiffel Tower, saw the Mona Lisa, and ate at least one croissant every day. My favorite things to do are to ski at Winter Park, play board games, and hike 14ers.

Favorite animal: Elephant

– Favorite band: The Lumineers

– Favorite movie: The Original Star Wars Trilogy(I like every Star Wars movie though)

– Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice

Bowen Gray

I have very much enjoyed growing up in this local school district and find myself to be blessed to have done so. It has been wonderful going to a school where I can name almost every person in the school, it has allowed for me to reach out to groups of people all around the spectrum; I consider that a huge privilege. The school did an excellent job of getting the students to volunteer and get out into the county as well as the community that we are lucky to call ours.

After I graduate, I will be attending Colorado State University majoring in Construction Management. I chose CSU Fort Collins due to the fact that they have an excellent program for construction management. The school also seems to be one of the most fun-filled and adventurous universities with a plethora of smiling faces composed of staff and students. In fifteen years, I would like to be the manager of my own construction company. I like to think that I would have traveled around the states, but I am so addicted to Colorado, I find that I will most likely end up back here.

The coolest thing I have been able to do would have to be traveling to Nepal right after the massive damage from the earthquakes in 2015. During sophomore year, I was able to go to multiple cities and rural towns in Nepal over a span of just under a month with my mother, uncle and my grandmother. We assisted in clearing the foundation for a school that was destroyed, worked on planting a garden for orphaned girls so they were able to get sustainable, fresh food, and my family trekked over 60 miles. It was the most gratifying thing I have ever accomplished.

My favorite things to do include riding my bike at the Hideaway and Granby skateparks, fishing the creeks with my best friends I have made in this school district, and spending time with my girlfriend who is currently attending Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat.


  • Favorite animal: That would be geckos, I actually have 2 myself.
  • Favorite band: Either Rhush or Khalid