Photo:  Granby’s Ryan and Justin Fosha, beneficiaries of MPE’s Green Power Program, pose in front of the 24.8 kW solar array at their family ranch in Granby

Mountain Parks Electric (MPE), through its Green Power Program, rebated $34,260 to its member-consumers that installed local renewable energy systems in 2018. “It gives us great pride to be able to continue greening up the local power supply through this program,” said Tom Sifers, Mountain Parks Electric General Manager. In addition to the rebates that MPE offers through the Green Power program, it also purchases renewable power from Granby Dam and the Town of Grand Lake’s micro-hydro recovery system. “Later this year, we also plan to purchase generation from a 1-Megawatt solar array that will soon be built in Jackson County,” Sifers said. “It should generate enough electricity to power another 300 homes.”

At present, MPE’s overall power supply is 33 percent renewable and growing, thanks in part to the rebates that MPE offers through its Green Power Program.

MPE provides electricity to all of Grand and Jackson Counties and parts of Larimer, Routt and Summit Counties, some 4,000 square miles in total. Any MPE member installing a new renewable energy system – solar, wind, biomass, etc. – is eligible to apply for the Green Power Program rebate. The maximum rebate available for residential systems is $2,000, and up to $8,000 for businesses and organizations. A five-person volunteer committee (comprised of MPE member-consumers) reviews rebate applications quarterly and awards the funds.

The Green Power Program is voluntarily funded by more than 1,200 MPE member-consumers, approximately seven percent of the total consumer base. Contributors donate anywhere from $0.50 to $100 a month, an adder to their monthly MPE electric bill. Since 2011, MPE, through this program, has rebated more than $170,000 to its members installing renewable energy projects.

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