Photo: Elizabeth Chavoustie accepts a donation from Californian, Stacie Simpson, who is on vacation and stopped by for books and toys for her children. When she found out how the funds benefit orphans, Stacie and her family were delighted to make a difference.     Photo by Penny Hamilton


When I see volunteers making a difference, I am reminded of the story of the little girl working feverishly to throw starfish stranded on the beach after a storm back into the life-giving sea. A negative bystander snarls at her, “Why do you even bother because hundreds of starfish are dying? You can’t save them all?” “No I can’t,” she smiled, “But, I can save this one as she tossed it back into the water!” Every day in Grand County volunteers with a passion for a cause make a difference. Last weekend at Granby’s Edgewater Resort community was a prime example.

Granby resident, Elizabeth Chavoustie, organized an important fundraiser yard sale for Hope House Kenya. Funds raised are for the African orphans to help with annual expenses to feed, house, and educate these precious kids. All the yard sale bargains are donated from across Grand County. Even with rain showers over the July 26 to 28 weekend, shoppers and donors stopped by constantly. “Not only does the event help the Hope House orphans and staff, it also helps the local community to be able to purchase items very inexpensively,” said Chavoustie. Several local non-profits and thrift shops will benefit from unsold items, too.

“We ask shoppers to donate whatever they can give. Their hearts are so generous when they find out 100% of the proceeds go directly to Hope’s House Kenya,” explained Chavoustie. If you would like to learn more about the orphanage visit In addition to donating to support this project, donors can sign up to help sponsor an orphan.