The Grand County Library District is searching for a new Director after Stephanie Ralph tendered her resignation at the January 15 library district board meeting.

Ralph began as the Library Resources Director in 2002 and moved to her District Director position in 2014. Stephanie said, “I have always enjoyed the changes I have engaged in at the Grand County Library District.  Every 4-5 years I took on new roles that made it fun and interesting. It felt like a good time to do something different.” stating,”What I really enjoyed is we turned the library into a community hub where people can share their passions and enthusiasm with others.”

Sally Leclaire, President of the Grand County Library District Board, “We are sad to see Stephanie go.  She has done so much for the district and really helped create focus, sustainability and some great programming.

Stephanie said she going to wrap up by mid February and take some time to visit family. Ralph begins her new position in March at the Summit Library District and is looking forward to working in a new system. The Summit District is operated by the County Budget and has 3 Branches, one in Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne. Ralph stated Summit is different. They don’t have to to go to the voters for a mil levy increase when they need financial resources.  “I will go in and listen and see if I can contribute to the needs of a their community. It is exciting!”

The Grand County Library District has weathered some adversity over the years and Ralph said,  “The tough times make us think us stronger.” She noted, “our library has grown up around our needs and I know everyone is proud of the things we have done to make each branch fit the needs of the individual  community it serves.”

“I have enjoyed every minute of my time at the Grand County Library District. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to serve our community.”  Ralph is not not leaving Grand County just heading to Summit County to work. “I will be very close and look forward to greeting Grand County folks when they visit,” commented Ralph.

The Grand County Library District Board has formed a committee to outline their action to replace Ralph.  Bambi Statz, District Board Member said “It’s important rather than make a hasty decisions we want to make the right decision.” saying,  “Wonderful programming and some great things going on. We are not stuck in traditional stuff. We are doing creative and neat stuff. We are not stuck in an old library model.”     We have 5 Branches and look at the online experience as another branch in our district.”