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We have been flirting with Spring weather since March and, just when you think Spring is really here, we have another brief return to winter. There has been too much rain and snow for most of us and I for one am yearning for the warm sunny days we normally have. The snow will come again in spurts but hopefully last only the day and the warm sun will make short work of it. Time to get the garden going but don’t forget to protect those tender young plants until they can survive the cooler and even cold nights as well as the midday fierce sun. Thanks to nature’s bounty, water is everywhere, even where it isn’t supposed to be, and more is trickling down from high country. Thanks for the cooler days and nights slowing the melt in high country or we might be in flood stages too soon.

Be careful where the trails are still soft. We are so anxious to get out on those great single tracks but many of the single tracks are not ready for us. Bike tire tracks and footprints made in wet, soft dirt will last as ruts all summer. Please try to wait until the trails dry out before using them. Most road base areas like the Fraser to Granby Trail are in good shape. Call ahead for trail closures.

Adopt -a-Trail is headed by Headwaters Trails Alliance and is the best friend of our county trails system. Started many years ago by Fraser Valley Partnership for Trails, this program is also associated with the US Forest Service. Grant writing by HTA has helped fund summer staff to head this ever expanding program because the concept is so beneficial and really works. People taking care of a specific trail are also cognizant of the need to take care of all our trails. We have many local individuals, families and businesses that have already adopted their favorite trail or trails. There are many more trails that need attention. Please consider adopting your favorite trail by contacting Erica Bean, HTA Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator at or Meara McQuain at HTA 970-726-1013.

National Trails Day June 3
HTA is organizing work in the Phases area near Tabernash. A short trail is panned to connect the Salad Bowl to the front side trails. Trail work will likely include hand-building trail on a steep slope using a variety of tools. Volunteers should be dressed in layers with water, food, sunscreen and closed toe shoes. More information to come from HTA as the plan develops.

Eighth Grade Trail Project on Fraser-to-Granby
East Grand Middle School Eighth graders from Abby Loberg’s social studies class this year chose to do trail restoration on the Fraser-to-Granby Trail with HTA as their annual service learning project. The 90 or so students worked for at least 2hrs each between 8am-3pm pulling weeds, restoring trail tread, cleaning up trash, and making trail surface improvements on the Fraser-to-Granby trail from Village Drive/Ten Mile to behind the Inn at SilverCreek. The kids were super productive and hard-working, exhibiting a positive attitude that really embraced service learning. Fabulous job!

All this water means spring flowers but we need sun to really get them going. Walking on the county road near my home on Red Dirt Hill, the early purple Pasque flowers and blue Lanceleaf Chiming Bells are everywhere welcoming the sun earlier this week. More in the weeks to come from Grand County Naturalist Pat Berman.

Pray for sunshine so we can enjoy the outdoors in this picturesque Grand County with the snow still in the mountains and lush green in the valleys. But be aware that Mother Nature can be fickle and be prepared in the back country. Carry extra clothing, food and water and always tell someone where you are going.