The Grand Quilt Trail was established in spring 2017 by the Grand Quilters and Grand County Historical Association (GCHA). In that first year, a team of talented and dedicated volunteers created close to 140 quilt blocks which all became part of the Grand Quilt Trail, stretching from Winter Park to Grand Lake and out to Kremmling. In 2018, the team added more than 130 more to the trail raising more than fifty thousand dollars for GCHA along the way.

Betsy deVries, Grand Quilt Trail visionary and team leader said, “We have had so much fun. This project has been a true community effort” adding that many people contributed time, energy and their artistry. “It was fun piecing together this quilt trail. I am really proud of the work we have done!”

The project started March 14th, 2017 and has created and sold over 280 blocks raising close to $50,000 for the Grand County Historical Association. According to Betsy’s estimates that was about 400 sheets of plywood, close to 100 gallons of paint, in dozens of colors, and several thousand hours of volunteer time. Her spirits were high when deVries said, “My body is sore and my fingers are raw, but the friendships we have made along the way are priceless!”

Now, for a limited time, the popular Grand County Quilt Trail is back! Order your custom quilt square block for your business or home.  Deadline for ordering is September 10th

1’x1′: $100.00

2’x2′: $$165.00

4’x4′: $325.00

Please email for more information!