Grand Foundation (GF) has established the Emergency Assistance Fund for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Grand County. In a coordinated and collaborative effort, Grand Foundation is working closely with Grand County, community nonprofits and agencies that provide direct client services. This fund was established to support vulnerable populations and help them through this crisis. Vulnerable populations are identified as: Lower Income, Seniors, Youth, Displaced Workforce, and At-Risk Populations (underlying health conditions and or individuals with a disability). Primary focus areas for this funding will include, but are not limited to, rental/mortgage/utility assistance, food insecurities and grocery access, school districts/primary education support and behavioral health.

GF will house the funds that will be distributed to the nonprofits or agencies in the county that provide these direct services to our vulnerable populations. Donations can be made directly to the Grand Foundation earmarked for the “Emergency Assistance Fund”.

Please Mail to:

PO Box 1342

Winter Park, CO 80482

970-887-3111; Ext. 3

Or donate directly online at

For Applicants:

Mountain Family Center will be accepting and administering all applications for rental/mortgage/utility assistance, food insecurities and grocery access. You can reach them at (970) 557-3186.