More than 30 volunteers came together to prep and paint a 300 ft concrete retaining wall in Granby. The Granby Main Street program, led by Chamber Director, Jessica Blair, was the driving force behind the project. Blair said, “The community has come together to create a beautiful piece of art that will help build a sense of community”.

You can’t miss the new mural that now covers the concrete retaining wall between Mavericks and the County’s EMS building on Main Street in Granby. The wall used to be a nod to Granby’s history, featuring old photos and historical information. The wall had not been updated in years and is now the longest and arguably the largest mural in the county.

Pat Milbery, founder of So-Gnar, the group contracted to design and paint the wall told the Winter Park Times “We are not followers – we are a group of creators driven to share our passion for style with others”. So-Gnar is a brand dedicated to staying in front of trends and is best known for its line of clothing, with designs inspired by the world we live in and the people they interact with. “So-Gnar is more than just a clothing company – it’s a lifestyle.” Milbery said, “We were excited for the opportunity to build something bigger than us and touch a piece of concrete in downtown Granby that will catch the eye and inspire for years to come.”

Several local kids volunteered for the project, all part of the Grand design. Milbery, artist, athlete and mentor of youth said, “Can’t stop the youth, instead let’s inspire them to collaborate, build together, live with passion, help allow to them to create a better community together, follow their hearts & teach them the power of positivity”.

Milbery said So-Gnar was conceived as a way for him “to cope with a few heavy life events happening at the time, and, was also the embodiment of how I was feeling in that moment (so gnar)”.

Definition of the slang word used by snowboarders/skateboarders/surfers

So-Gnar: sō-när (adjective) – An act of courage, death, disgust, stupidity, pure awesomeness or anything that is ‘awesome’ for that matter.

Rather than dwell on the negative, Milbery turned that energy into a 10-year-running art project with the mission to empower people of all ages to follow their dreams and be creative every day.  Milbery said, “I have always believed in having a strong connection with the youth. They are our future and hold the world in their hands”. The youth of America give heart and soul to our brand while keeping fresh new styles in front of the innovators and tastemakers. Learn more about So-Gnar clothing, camps and tours at

The total cost of the mural project is estimated at around $13,000, according to Blair. Funding for the project came from a variety of sources including a $2,500 grant from Grand Foundation. The Town of Granby contributed more $10,000 from their Main Street program and the Granby Downtown Façade Improvement funds.

Local resident, Jeremy Hydle, said, “This wall will commemorate many things for many people. For me, it represents a place and time that individuals came together as one and left the experience forever changed”.