Photo: The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) is hosting a Fraser River cleanup day on Sept. 12. Give back to the community, our waterway and our riparian areas along the river corridor.  The fish and local wildlife appreciate you!  Photo Courtesy of Winter Park Chamber of Commerce

On September 12, the Colorado River Headwaters chapter of Trout Unlimited will host a river cleanup project on the Fraser River between County Road 8 and Rendezvous.  River Clean Up volunteers are asked to show up at the pavilion at the Lions Ponds near Safeway at 9:00 am on the 12th. The local TU chapter will be providing a pizza lunch after the clean up is finished. Masks will be required for orientation.  From the pavilion orientation we will break up into small groups and use social distancing measures as we canvas the river corridor.  If you have them, bring boots or waders and gloves.

The Fraser River is a Headwaters tributary to the mighty Colorado River and it collects trash and debris from careless motorists, construction workers and nearby homeowners.  Local volunteers started cleaning stretches of the river back in the early 2000’s.  Several hundred volunteers have participated over the years and now is your chance to do something for the community and the river.

Volunteers will walk the banks, stream bed and surrounding areas collecting an assortment of debris from willows, rivers and barbed wire fences.  Over the years a collection of interesting items have been hauled out of the river and surrounding area.

See you there 9 am September 12th, 2020, at the Lions Pond Pavilion next to Safeway in Fraser!