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Fraser Public Arts Committee adding some color to the Gardener Shed in Fraser.


Fraser Gets Funky Public Arts Committee Project

The Town of Fraser established the Fraser Public Arts Committee (PAC) last fall as part of their mission to help expand public arts in the community and foster an environment of creativity and vitality. The Fraser Town Board established the Public Arts Committee (PAC) as an advisory committee to the Town on matters related to the arts. PAC overlaps in part with Fraser Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) established at the same time. The two committees will help steer Frasers creative and economic development decisions in the future.

Jeff Durbin, Town Manager said, along with these two committees, the board established the art and public places program to help foster a fresh look at new projects, Durbin added, “capital projects over $50k go through a consultation with PAC”. Fraser is a fun and funky town, and whimsy, needs to be preserved.

PAC is working on several fronts this summer as they move forward, one is the development of a comprehensive database of artists and creative industries in and around the community. Philip Vandernail, Mayor of Fraser said “One of our goals is to market our creative industries and utilize those talents to help grow our local economy.”

It has taken a few months to get rolling from inception to creation but this summer PAC will start playing an active role in the character and vibrant nature of Fraser. Francis deVos said, “It’s time to color up this town” We have a special town and a bright future.

Eric Vandernail, 02 Creative said, “People want to enjoy the uniqueness of community, art on the street, paintings and sculptures build character and can help Fraser attract people that want to enjoy the creativity”

Katrina Larson, local artist and inspiration behind the group’s first project, said “seeing blank walls bugs me. I see blank walls everywhere and I just want to paint them.” Larson sketched her idea for a public mural last year and the group decided this would be a great starting point to attract more public art ideas. Larson sketched her idea last year and said, ”We just wanted to do something.”

Durbin said, “PAC has a bunch of fun stuff planned for our summer concert series on Tuesday nights in the Schoolhouse Park.” Each week the committee will have a tent for arts, crafts and games. The committee will really bring a family fun component to the music series that kids and adults will enjoy along with the music. ”Every event will have something fun going on.” Durbin also added, “This is just the beginning of things to come.”

Next time you cross the tracks on Eisenhower Drive take a peek to the right and you will see the work of a group of art lovers that want to preserve the fun, funky whimsical nature of Fraser.
Inspiration of Altitude, a two day project, took 9 volunteers about 60 hours to complete.

If you would like to be a part of the Fraser Creative Team, the Public Arts Committee meets regularly on the third Friday of the month at the Fraser Town Hall. Agendas for all public meetings are posted at the Town Hall. The PAC is looking for privately owned buildings that want to be a part of the art program.

Committee members: Ken Ball, Francie deVos, Jon Flacke, Krista Klancke, Katrina Larson, Shelly Madsen, Kristi Martens, Ernie Roybal, Vesta Shapiro, Eric Vandernail, Laura Veenstra