Several hundred spectators and nearly 50 riders took part in the Fraser MTB Festival last weekend. The event featured the Colorado State Dual Slalom Championships, live music, demos food and biking events for the entire family.

The inaugural year was another step forward for outdoor recreation festivals in the Fraser Valley.  Chris Olivier, race organizer said, “ The feedback from riders was really positive, particularly regarding the potential of the Colorado Adventure Park. It is an awesome venue to host these type events and other outdoor recreational festivals in the future.”

The event played host to national elements with a homegrown festival feel. The music really made it an event. Olivier added, “The concert Friday night was a highlight for most attendees, Parks Thomson brought the heat, under the blood moon.”

The core community rallied around Fraser and many generous contributors made the event possible. Olivier said, “The Town of Fraser, The County, Stay Winter Park all stepped up to support our efforts. And we couldn’t have done it without the help of Clark Lipscomb and the Colorado Adventure Park.”

“Fraser is absolutely committed to helping make more events happen in the valley, but we hope this year’s Fraser MTB Fest will serve as a building block for this event.” said Alyson Heon, Business Development Specialist, Town of Fraser   “I envision a true three day festival with events spread out from the resort, to shuttle rides up to our vast trail system, to night time freeride events under the lights at the Colorado Adventure Park; we have the right people and entities already here in the county to make this happen, but we’ll need real collaboration to achieve the desired iconic result.”

The event organizers are looking at forming an exploratory committee with stakeholders from across the Valley to evaluate the magnitude of what next year’s event could be, and what steps we need to take right now to make it a reality.