“I am a fish guy, it is my passion.”  Mike Evans spent much of his life underwater but is an entrepreneur, as well. For many years, he owned and operated a very successful decorative plant lease and maintenance service that eventually turned into a complete interior landscape design firm.  Mike sold his businesses in 2014 to pursue the Colorado mountain lifestyle that included plenty of time out on the lakes of Grand County.  “In the summer I want to be out on the lake catching fish,” says Evans.

Colorado native, under-water photographer/filmmaker and professional scuba-diving instructor, Mike Evans, swims with the colorful, exotic fish he finds in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Some of his favorite dive sites include Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Curacao. Mike is an avid catch, photo and release sport fisherman and a promoter of ethical angling practices. In his pursuit of multiple species, his fishing expeditions include places like the North Sea, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, and many U.S. waters. 

“My inspiration for art came from years of scuba diving around the world.” Evans has created many magnificent pieces of art with fabric and paints.  Selling his work has brought him much satisfaction but Mike has a passion for teaching his craft, as well. 

“I love vibrant colors of the oceans and this form of art has always brought out my creative side.” Evans draws his own designs from photos he has taken while out diving and then crafts a piece of art with a collage of beautiful fabric and hand painted canvases.

“Each piece is handcrafted and emulates a very specific species of fish or bird. The artwork is designed to evoke realism along with vivid color and the beauty of nature.”  Every image is created from an original drawing that has been derived from photographs taken by Evans. The drawings/patterns are then artfully covered with unique layers of colorful fabrics. “Although a specific pattern may be used several times, the fabric and colors that adorn it will never be the same,” says Evans. This special style and technique empowers FabricFishy to offer handmade, one-of-a-kind art work. No two pieces will ever be the same. With literally thousands of batik fabrics acting as a paint brush the creativity is endless.

Many of the fabrics used in the production of FabricFishy’s art are hand dyed and originate on the tropical island of Bali. Hand dyed fabrics combined with original handcrafted artwork, what could be more unique?

Mike Evans owner of FabricFishy will soon offer classes so you can learn to create your own batik fabric art designs. “I am working with Tina’s Fabric Nook in Granby, Cabin Quilts and Stitches in Grand Lake and Autumns Nest in Fraser and hope to host a series of classes beginning mid to late July.”

Evans said, “Anybody can do it.” He has pre-made patterns of birds and fish.  “It’s easy to do and no sewing necessary. All the tools and supplies are provided. Just bring yourself and have some fun.”  Mike said you will walk away with your own original piece of art to hang on your favorite wall.

You can see the actual works of art now on display at:

Tina’s Fabric Nook – Granby 

Shear Design – Granby

Cabin Quilts & Stitches – Grand Lake

Visit the website for more details. [www.fabricfishy.com)

Call or text Mike Evans at 970-364-0207 for more information.