New Plan, New Brand

The Master Plan for the Town of Winter Park has been used to evaluate projects and policies, write grants, and update code for over a decade. And has helped town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision.

The last plan was a well thought out road map that has been used to set the stage for the community of today and now Winter park is in the process of establishing a new plan, a plan for the community of tomorrow.  Catherine Ross Director of the Winter park Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce said, “This is a really exciting time to be involved in the community. There is so much great work taking place.”

Along with the new Master Plan the town is working on a marketing and branding campaign that includes a new logo that was unveiled recently and approved by the Town Council this week.  The new logo will soon replace the clipart style logo of a generation past. Signage throughout town, correspondence and marketing efforts will be switched out by the new logo in the coming months.  The Logo design is part of Slate Communications design team out of Fort Collins and is in charge of guiding the town through the rebranding and  

New Pavement at the entrance to the Jane

It wasn’t long ago that the recycled ashphalt of a HWY 40 paving project was hauled in and spreadout on the road to Mary Jane. It didn’t hold up very well at the entrance and was not a long term solution for the high traffic area.  Winter Park Resort has made the investment in pavement at the entry and extends up the road halfway up to Corona Siding. No more volkswagon size potholes to negotiate at the entry that left you wondering about your clearance. The best thing about the old road is it created a speed reduction zone that was strictly adhered to without traffic control. The new pavement says, “Powder Day, punch it!”

Rendezvous sets new Pedistrian Bridge

The new Pedistriain Bridge designed and supplied by Contech Engineered Solutions was placed last week in Fraser and Winter Park. What?  Yep, the bridge spans the river and the two towns. It took two 240 ton cranes to maneuver the 150’ long X 8.5’ wide, 60,000lbs bridge into place.

“This new connection between Rendezvous and will allow homeowners better connectivity to the new Headwaters Community Center, the existing trails system, and the town, including the new Sitzmark South retail and Fireside Market grocery venue.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Closures possible on Trail Ridge Road

It’s that time of year when weather changes quickly on Trail Ridge Road. Before you visit, look at the forecast for higher elevations, then check road open/closed status by calling 970 586-1222 and following us on Twitter.  Trail Ridge Alerts are in effect.

Granby is getting a New Trail

The Town of Granby secured matching grant funding to build a new trail system along Highway 40 from the Kaibab Park to City Market. The new trail will be built in two phases with the first phase completion date scheduled for sometime in mid Decemebr and the next phase is planned for the spring of 2018.  The first phase funding has been in place for sometime according to Mayor Paul Chavoiste and the town is moving forward with the project in two phases of the funding cycle.

Granby Ranch Tax Woes

Granby Ranch, fails to pay property taxes and local officials call on the local law enforcement to make a statement by placing chains on the base area facilities.  On Tuesday morning, October 4th, law enforcement agents took control of the facilities at Base Camp and Golf Course after the tax obligations for the Resort reached the delinquint stage in the eyes of officials.

The Base Lodge and Golf Course were secured and Granby Ranch emloyees were escorted from the property during the seizure. According to Grand County Sheriffs Office, the county seized the property and were in the process of posting signage stating the details of seizure.  Just after 10am, Granby Ranch CFO Dustin Lombard presented county officials with a check for a little more than $104,000 to cover the resorts delinquent tax debt and the property was returned to the owners.  Reportedly the Ranch owes two years in addtional Real Estate Property taxes. The home town resort in Granby, Colorado is showing signs of financial lassitude in light of the recent incident with County officials.

Fall Camping in and around the National Forest.

Interested in enjoying fall colors and cooler temperatures by camping in the forest this fall? There are a few things you should be aware of first! Be prepared for changing weather conditions and remember that you are not the only one out there.

Fall is a busy time for bears as they get ready for hibernation and we have seen an increase in activity on the forests. Be sure to store food and trash properly, using bear resistant food storage containers or hanging food at least 10 feet above ground and at least four feet from a tree trunk. Keep all scented items out of tents. Check the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website to learn more at before starting your next adventure.

This time of year, many campgrounds start closing. Be prepared to disperse camp and know what is and is not allowed. You can get more information about camping at Not all roads are open throughout the fall. Check the web at when planning your trip.

Hunters are reminded to follow all Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) hunting regulations, as well as U.S. Forest Service shooting and travel regulations. Wearing blaze orange is required for hunters by CPW, but it is recommended for everyone enjoying the forest this time of year to increase visibility. The forest has information specifically posted for hunters at

Lots of work is getting done in the forest this time of year too. Know that trees are getting harvested, prescribed fires could take place and trail work may be getting accomplished. This is all important work that may impact your experience. Be sure to read posted signs.  

Remember, your safety is your responsibility. An important message for visitors year-round is that of falling tree hazards. Avoid dense patches of dead trees. Take a saw or ax with you to remove fallen trees from roads in case you become trapped. Be sure to extinguish all fires until they are out cold to the touch. Even in cold or wet conditions, campfires can smolder and escape.

Planning ahead can help make a good visit to your National Forests a great visit!

Delicious!  Fundraiser for Church of Eternal Hills Kids

On a chilly October night, what could taste better than 50+ homemade soups, chili, stews, baked bread and desserts?  
Everyone is invited to delight their taste buds at the renowned Annual Soup Supper on Tuesday, October 10 from 5-7 pm at Presbyterian Church of the Eternal Hills on CR 515 near Tabernash.  The options include unique soups, favorites from your childhood and “never-tried-before” surprises. If you wish, bring a metal muffin tin and sample many varieties!
In past years, elk chili, Italian sausage tortellini, chicken and dumplings, seafood chowder, breads and desserts were only a small sampling of the enticing choices.  Eat and relax with friends from all over Grand County. As a bonus, we’ll wash the dishes!
There is no set charge for the meal; a recommended donation is the amount each person/family would pay for an evening dinner in a local restaurant.  This event is a fundraiser for Eternal Hills Christian Preschool which co-sponsors this fun, community-wide, soup extravaganza. Enjoy a great meal and help children from all over Grand County!  For more information, call 887-3603.