Locals report Fraudulant Credit Card Use

Over the weekend, several locals alerted the community via social media that they had experienced credit card fraud, suspecting use of a skimmer or similar device or possibly a data breach. According to reports, amounts ranging from $50 to $300 had been deducted from bank accounts. Some users had been notified by their card companies or banks, but some discovered the use after checking their account status.

Winter Park Fraser Police Chief Glen Trainor said that they’d taken several reports and an investigation is underway. The WPFPD advises that, if your card has been used fraudulently, you should immediately notify your bank, and file a report with the Federal Trade Commission: ftccomplaintassistant.gov

Grand Lake launches Property Improvement Grant cycle

The Town has just released their Spring 2018 Commercial Enhancement Grant Program. The grant is available to provide Grand Lake organizations with matching funds for aesthetic property improvements. Submission deadline is May 1st. For an application, visit: townofgrandlake.com

Town of Fraser Board approves Mayoral Pay Increase

At the February 20th Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved Ordinance 451, an increase in the Mayor’s compensation which will take effect at the start of the next Mayoral term, after the 2020 election. Town staff had recently completed a state-wide survey of wages paid by similarly-sized and governed Towns and found that the the Board of Trustees are paid equitably, but noted the Mayor’s pay was low. The Mayor’s current rate of pay is $140 per Board of Trustees meeting, which has been in place since 2006. The Board motioned to increase the rate of pay to $200 and added $75 for all other meetings the Mayor is required to attend. It was approved by Trustees Andy Miller, Parnell Quinn, Eileen Waldow, Katie Soles and Herb Meyring, with Trustee Cody Clayton Taylor casting the only “no” vote.

Fraser investigates EV Charging Station installation

Also during the February 20th Board of Trustees meeting, Assistant to the Town Manager, Michael Brack, presented for approval a request to add a dual-port Electric Vehicle charging station in the Town. Brack had just submitted an application for a grant which would offset the estimated cost of $11,500 for the Level 2 EV charging station.

In his presentation to the Board, Brack cited that, by 2022, Electric Vehicles will be priced similarly to internal combustion vehicles, substantiating the need for such facilities. He  offered several suggestions for potential sites of placement, which would be determined after further investigation and cost analysis is completed.

The Board agreed that the installation of an EV charging station is in line with the Town’s sustainability goals and initiatives, and supported moving forward, with the condition that, should the Town not be awarded the grant, additional discussion would be required.

Bill to address Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s financial sustainability passes committee, 6-1

For the second time in three weeks, a Senate committee has given overwhelming support to a bill that would provide long-term funding to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).
First, the Senate Finance Committee unanimously passed, 5-0, the Hunting, Fishing and Parks for Future Generations Act (Senate Bill 18-143) on February 13. Then, on Tuesday, the Senate Appropriations Committee endorsed the bill and forwarded it to the full Senate for consideration on a 6-1 vote.

The bill’s progress contrasts to last session, when a similar funding bill died in a Senate committee.
This year, senators are crediting CPW for conducting exhaustive statewide public outreach and using the feedback to resubmit an improved proposal that lays out specific ways money would be used, such as fixing deteriorating dams, recruiting new hunters, expanding conservation efforts and looking for ways to increase outdoor recreation opportunities for all Coloradans.
By 2025, CPW forecasts budget shortfalls of $30 million annually for wildlife and $11 million annually for parks. Unless able to address this funding shortfall, the agency’s work on habitat conservation, state park operations and wildlife management face a tough future.
The Future Generations Act will be heard on the Senate floor Thursday, March 8.
For more information on the Hunting, Fishing and Parks for Future Generations Act visit: cpw.state.co.us/Future-Generations-Act

First Tracks Friday is off and running

Last Friday night, members of the community attended the opening reception at The Viking Lodge in downtown Winter Park. The artistically-inclined and adventurous selected their ski(s) or snowboard “canvas” they’ll be using to create their upcycled masterpieces. Finished pieces are due back to the Uptripping Gallery by April 4 to be prepped for the silent auction on Friday night, April 6. Visit: uptripping.com/firstf