In this unusual year, local nonprofits are relying on the generosity of the community to support their organizations. Tuesday, December 8, is the 11th annual Colorado Gives Day. One of the largest one-day giving movements in the country, 30 Grand County-based nonprofits will partner with Colorado’s Community First Foundation and First Bank to increase the impact of all Colorado Gives Day donations.

Begun in 2010 when First Bank provided financial matching to the Community First Foundation, the event has spread across the state, becoming a staple fundraising event for many organizations. now maintains a year-round curated web-site, providing up-to-date profile information and an easy way to donate to nonprofits across the state. 

A $1 million incentive fund will be distributed to participating nonprofits, proportionally increasing donations made on this day. For every percentage of overall Colorado Gives Day donations received by a particular organization, that percentage of the incentive fund is also granted them. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many nonprofits to cancel their annual in-person fundraising events and has left a significant void in their fund balances. Colorado Gives Day is likely one of the few opportunities many have to pool resources, take advantage of shared promotion, and collect donations.

For more information on Colorado Gives, to learn about the missions and visions of the organizations participating in this one-day giving party, or to make your donation, go to

Help start out the Season of Giving by generously donating to those that do so much for our community!