When you can’t have all the pomp because of the circumstances, what does a graduation look like? That’s the question countless high schools and colleges across America had to answer this year amid a global pandemic. So teachers, parents, students and administrators came up with an array of creative and meaningful celebrations for the Class of 2020.

In towns across America, lampposts on Main Street were adorned with banners featuring the portraits of graduating seniors, schools held ceremonies at drive-in movie theaters, parking lots and outdoor parks. And what better way to celebrate how driven the senior class at Middle Park High School has been than a ceremonial motorcade of side by sides and golf carts parading through town!

We look to the class of 2020 to show us how to put the pieces back together again. And how to create a new and more evolved normal, a world more just, kind, beautiful and luminous. With that in mind, the students of Middle Park High School decided to build a mosaic piece of art from the shards of glass tiles as tribute to this year’s disruption of normalcy.    

Each student chose a broken piece of glass to represent their contributions. During the ceremonial events last Saturday, the students placed and glued their piece of glass to a special wooden matte that will be on display for future generations. 

The Middle Park High School (MPHS) 2020 Valedictorian, Lela Myers said,  “As you cross through the gate and head out, embrace your imperfections because none of us are perfect. Our imperfections make us invaluable and unique, much like the shards of glass we have left behind in our mosaic. Class of 2020 start your engines.”

Over 80 golf carts and side by sides were assembled for the event. The MPHS grounds crew painted lines on the football field with a socially distant measurement that marked each student’s territory for the ceremony.  Students and family members decorated their carts and then participated in a unique ceremonial lap around the field to collect their diplomas and take commemorative photographs. After all diplomas were handed out, the graduating class was led by first responders on an elaborate parade route throughout the neighborhoods surrounding the school and down Main Street. “It was really impressive,” said East Grand School Board President Ed Raegner.

The MPHS Class of 2020 graduation celebration was unique in many ways. This year has been a complete mosaic of broken norms and these young adults will certainly rise above the chaos to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

This year’s graduation event was a collective of ideas, discussions and negotiations to meet all the stipulations set forth by the Public Health Department. The event team has been led by principal, Cindy Rimmer, with the help of her staff and first responders from the community.  The team held dozens of meetings to make it happen. “These kids have been through more than most and we needed to find a way to honor their hard work,” said Principal Rimmer. “We wanted to provide the students with the opportunity to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments,” adding, “It has been difficult, but these kids deserved to be recognized.”

The commemorative 2020 graduation video will soon be released, so you can relive the pomp and circumstance our MPHS Class of 2020 experienced as they took part in a one of a kind ceremony and paraded through the streets of Granby, Colorado.