Taunia Shipman, Supervisor of Adult and Child Protection Services and long-time Grand County resident, was recently honored by the Board of County Commissioners for 25 years of employment and dedicated service to the County’s children and families.

Before an audience of her friends, family and coworkers, County Manager Lee Staab recognized Shipman and read a letter of support from Melinda Cox at the State Department of Human Services. “Taunia is extremely dependable, incredibly hardworking, and an impressive leader,”  Cox praised. “She has impressive management skills and is incredibly easy to work with. Taunia is a true team player and always fosters favorable discussion in an effort to impact the youth, children and families of Grand County.”

Staab continued, “On behalf of all the people of Grand County, Taunia deserves a round of applause.”

But those present did not need convincing. Director of Human Services, Deb Ruttenberg, presented Shipman with an award of gratitude and thanked her “for being a mentor and role-model to all the staff.”

Shipman, received the award with emotion, saying, “I would rather just do our work in a quiet and simple manner, back in our little cottage, but I am so thankful for the support here. I work with an amazing staff. We don’t just come in and do our job. We come in because of ethical and moral values that we have to reach families. We all try to serve families over and above what the work mandates, and that is what has made my work so valuable. There have been significant changes in child welfare and that is what keeps me going. We can always get better with the work that we do, asking what is best practice? What does that look like? How can we improve for children and families.”

She further recognized her family, noting it was her husband who “cheered me on 25 years ago” and encouraged the move to Grand County, where they would raise their two children. “We still wake up every morning and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.”

Shipman has a Master’s degree in Social Work and also serves as the County’s Child Care Assistance Program Coordinator. She is a board member for Grand Beginnings and vice-president of the East Grand School District Board of Education.