In an astounding demonstration of support for Grand and Summit County Youth, Blue Valley Ranch has donated over $206,000 to the Grand Foundation.  This donation comes from residual royalty money for the gravel pit that assisted in the Highway 9 revitalization & safety project (SH9). These funds will be used to assist local youth in the areas of education, activities and opportunities they would not otherwise be able to participate in.  

In 2013 Grand and Summit counties, businesses and private individuals from across the state and nation contributed over $9.2 Million to make this project a reality. The total cost of the project roughly $46 million, inclusive of Colorado Department of Transportation RAMP funding, initiated by a lead $4 Million dollar gift from Paul Tudor Jones, Owner of Blue Valley Ranch.  The project, completed in 2017, has drastically reduced the number of collisions making a huge impact on Grand and Summit Counties.

“Supporting and investing in our youth has always been a focus for Blue Valley Ranch and one we know the Grand Foundation shares with us” said Jones.  

SH9 is a major route between Kremmling and Silverthorne in Summit and Grand counties was a long time site of collisions between motorists and wildlife.

The Grand Foundation wishes to thank Jones and Blue Valley Ranch for their many years of unwavering support to Grand County and its youth.  “These funds will bring a new dimension for youth in our community. With the generous contributions of donors like Blue Valley Ranch and Paul Tudor Jones, a wider scope of opportunities will be accessible to our community’s children.” reiterated Megan Ledin, Executive Director of the Grand Foundation.  

We would also like to thank the then Board of County Commissioners, Bumgarner, Linke and Newberry for having the vision to see this project and the greater impact it has brought to our county.  

“This is how great our communities are,” said Ledin.  “Everyone coming together to make something good happen.  It’s a great example in the value of collaboration and community.”

Funds will be available starting in the fall of 2018.  Please contact the Grand Foundation for more information.