Photo:  Grand County Historical Association Executive Director, Shanna Ganne, Commissioner Merrit Linke, and Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum volunteer, Aaron Skinner, enjoy the recognition of this important History Colorado award. The star award symbolizes the stellar aviation history of Grand County.    Photo by Penny Hamilton


Saturday, July 6, under blue bird colored sky and with about 2,000 community members celebrating aviation at Granby/Grand County Airport, the volunteers of the Grand County Historical Association Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum were awarded the statewide History Colorado Caroline Bancroft Award which included $1,000 prize money to be used in future aviation history projects.

Founding member of the Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum, Tabernash resident, Ann Stricklin explained, “Because my family has been in the Fraser Valley for over 110 years and as a retired teacher, encouraging children to learn about our history is so important. Our all-volunteer team on the Granby/Grand County Airport in the historic former Rocky Mountain Airway airline terminal is a perfect blend of historians, educators and aviators. Our location is perfect because so many airports are not accessible easily to their community members and visitors. Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum is reached by automobile, airplane, bike, or even walking.

“Our team is tireless in outreach to the children of Grand County. We encourage local scout leaders, home-schoolers, and our pre-school and Middle Park public schools to tour and use our history resources. All of our programs are offered at no charge. Visitors are always greeted from far and wide because of so many guests who are interested in heritage tourism. New educational activities are constantly being added,” Stricklin concluded.

 Our Grand County Historical Association Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum is truly a treasure to the Community Free and family-friendly open every Friday and Saturday from 11AM to 2PM all summer long.