Driver License Transition Goes Smoothly

The Grand County Clerk and Recorder’s Office took over responsibilities for driver license-related activities just over a month ago, an office previously run by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

The transition has included the renovation of several spaces in the County Administration building. The completed phase one of that renovation has been a remodel of the Clerk and Recorder’s Office that has created a larger area for employees and customers and addressed safety concerns for both, according to Sara Rosene, County Clerk and Recorder. Driver license employees now have more than one means of egress, customers have greater security when sharing private and personally identifying information, and all secure documents and money will be handled in a single area. Phase two of the remodel will combine the former offices used by the state and for the old county switch-board and is slated for completion by the end of the month. The newly-created area will be used for marriage and civil union licenses, records searches, and elections.

With the changeover, the County has retained all driver license-related services, including first-time issuance and renewal of driver licenses and instructional permits, motorcycle instruction permits, ID cards, and written and behind-the-wheel driver tests. All administrative services and written tests can be completed during office hours, 8:30 to noon and 1:00 to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Driving tests can be done by appointment, to be scheduled one day a week in Granby.

Rosene sees the retention of these services and the additional revenue stream as definite successes, saying the department has already been receiving positive feedback. For information or appointments contact the office at 970-725-3748 or go online at

Summer Interns Settling In

The County began its 2017 Summer Intern Program last week with the first intern starting work May 31. Five students from Middle Park, three from West Grand, and one college student will fill a total of nine positions in departments around the county.

County Manager Lee Staab conducted all candidate interviews and described an “interesting process” in talking with the young applicants on-site at both Middle Park and West Grand High Schools. A decided preference had been noted for positions in EMS and Animal Control, under the management of the Sheriff’s Office. However, after some discussion of priorities, all open positions were willingly filled for the Offices of the County Attorney, Clerk and Recorder, Building and Planning, Information Systems, Public Health, and the Fairgrounds. Each position will be under the direction of their respective departments. While schedules vary from two to five days a week, all will receive the same compensation.

For some, the paid summer program provides a logical next step after previously unpaid volunteerism with the County. For all, the program “is designed to provide an educational and development opportunity to young people in Grand County, offering insight into possible career paths, in areas that they may have already developed a level of interest,” according to Staab, who has directed various internship and developmental programs throughout his career.

To help the interns assess, understand, and share their experience, a final requirement will be a presentation before the Board of County Commissioners at the end of their summer tenure.

Aerial Park To Soar In Fraser

The BOCC has approved a Special Use Permit for construction of a high ropes course and outdoor climbing wall at the Fraser Valley Sports Complex. Application for the permit was made by Igor Guzier of Winter Park Adventure Quest, LLC and supported by both Scott Ledin, Director of the Fraser Valley Recreation District, and Bill Grey, Director of Grand County Community Development.

Grey affirmed that the proposed course was in compliance with the Grand County Master Plan which “clearly identifies and supports the need for more outdoor nature-based recreation areas.” He says it will add to the recreational options for both residents and visitors.

The new course, currently under construction, will span an area of approximately 10,000 feet and reach 34 feet in height. Proposed hours of operation are from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, including winter and nighttime use. Lighting concerns will be mitigated by full-shielded and directed lights. The park is slated to be open by July 1, according to Guzier, a long-time resident who saw this as “an opportunity for more activities that are approachable, family-friendly outdoor experiences for little ones as well as parents and older people.”

“You can’t necessarily take your 6-year-old Class III rafting or on a zip-line,” the father of two continues. “These rope and climbing experiences are exciting for those of any age who have the soul for fun and adventure.”

All three commissioners approved the permit with enthusiasm and interest in possible future expansion of the park.

Local Wildfire Preparedness

The Grand County Wildfire Council will launch their 2017 fire season activities this week with an educational open house and the return of the county-wide chipping program.

The Council will host a free Fire Adapted Communities Open House during Grand Lake’s Community Craft Fair on Saturday, June 10. The event provides an opportunity to introduce residents and visitors to area fire agencies and educate on wildfire education, information, and adaptation. Refreshments and vendors will be available and educational wildfire-related videos and slideshows will be shown throughout the afternoon. All activities will be held in the Grand Lake Community House from 12:00 to 4:00 PM.

The 2017 Community Chipping Program will launch simultaneously with a single-day drop-off to be held at the County Fairgrounds in Kremmling. Slash materials such as small diameter trees and logs, tree branches, and brush can be  from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The program is open to any Grand County resident at no cost, but commercial slash will not be accepted. Two additional chipping days are scheduled for June 24 at the Road & Bridge facility in Fraser and on July 8 in Grand Lake, location to be determined. Visit for material guidelines and other information.

Libraries For A Better World

The Grand County Library District has launched their summer programming, adopting the 2017 National Cooperative Summer Library Program’s theme of “Build a Better World.” The District interprets the theme as “volunteerism, serving others, and knowing your community,” according to Jeanie Johnson, Director of Public Services. They will promote this idea with dual approach, incorporating a reading program with several outdoor events.

This summer reading program will offer children, teens, and adults a passport-type log, to not only record their reading, but to encourage and record visits to each of the five library branches, getting people moving about the county and learning about the district and its various offerings. Sign-up is open now at any of the library sites.

An outdoor experience program is also being launched, building on the summer theme with the opportunity to “experience the wonderful outdoors in Grand County,” says librarian Heidi McNinch. Three hiking trips are planned across the county for the ammonite site in Kremmling, the alpine Broome Hut on Berthoud Pass, and the Jacques Road trail in the Headwaters Recreation Management Area. The hope, McNinch says, is to “teach how to be good thoughtful hikers and be aware of and respectful of the fragility of our natural environment.” Registration for each hike is online at

Hot Sulphur Fires Up Fun

This weekend will see the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs jumping into celebratory mode with the 53rd Annual Hot Sulphur Days. The celebration will include three days of carnival, dance, live music, fireworks, and historic reminders of the oldest town in Grand County.

Highlights include a parade; duck race on the Colorado; a history walk with Tim Nicklas, director of the Pioneer Village Museum; and the reenactment of the death of Texas Charlie, a 1883 shootout where a flamboyant ruffian was shot down by town leaders in the center of town. All event times and details can be found at