KFFR 88.3  Radio Tower is getting Higher

Fraser Valley Community Radio Owners have requested a continuance to the hearing at the Board of County Commissioners for the purpose of complying with conditions set forth by Planning Commission as to notice the public and government officials.  

KFFR has agreed to elevate the tower attached to the Cell on Wheels (COW) on the property located at 517 GCR 8483 to the proposed height of ninety feet (90’).
Community Development Department believes that raising the height of the tower will provide a better demonstration than a balloon test and allow the public and government officials to make comment.
The tower will be elevated to ninety feet (90’) from January 16, 2018 until the hearing on February 6, 2018 and the applicant will provide notice.
The Media Tower Premit is scheduled for public hearing before the Grand County Board of County Commissioners on February 6th, 2017 at 1:30P.M.  The meeting will be held in the Board of County Commissioners meeting room. Courthouse, 2ND Floor, 308 Byers Avenue, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. Please do not hesitate to contact ataft@co.grand.co.us or by phone at  (970) 725-3767 with any questions.

Pile burning resumes next week on National Forest lands in Grand County

U.S. Forest Service firefighters will resume slash pile burning next week, potentially starting with piles in the Trail Creek, Stillwater or Kawuneeche areas, depending on conditions.
Conditions are evaluated each day to determine if ignition will take place. Precipitation, wind, temperature, fuel moisture and staffing all play a part in when and whether ignition occurs.
Wind helps disperse smoke created during pile burning operations and snow helps keep the piles contained. Seeing flames and smoke, even after dark, is part of normal operations. This is one way that we can help reduce fuels on the landscape under the safest conditions.
Ignitions are generally expected to begin after 10 a.m. and will cease several hours before sunset. Firefighters monitor the area after burning is complete. Public and firefighter safety is always the number one priority in burning operations.

Library District Offering a new Program.
Grand County Library District cardholders have even more reasons to love their libraries in 2018. “Access Grand” is a new collection of ski passes, recreation center punch cards, concert tickets, and museum passes that can be checked out and returned, like a book. Who knew you could ski, swim, listen, and learn with a library card? And without even cracking a book?

Photo caption: Cross-country skiers at Devil’s Thumb Ranch checked out their trail pass from their local library.

Winter Parks’ Planning Commission Update

In the January 9 Town of Winter Park Planning Commission meeting, Brad Holzwarth was elected as Chairman and Mike Davlin was elected as Vice Chair.

The Roam annexation and zoning project for the acre parcel just south of town is continued since the Final Development Plan has not yet been completed. More discussion with Town staff will take place the week of January 15 and will again be discussed at the January 23 Planning Commission meeting, and subsequently at the February 6 Town Council meeting.

Granby Board of Trustee Meeting

During the Town of Granby Board of Trustee Meeting on January 9, members of Boy Scout Troop 605 sat in to learn more about how government works and earn several badges for attending.

The Board approved purchase of a new truck for the Water Department, selecting High Country Motors’ competitive bid, and keeping the purchase local,

A representative of Reclamation Ridge appeared before the Board to give an update and started by saying “thank you for letting us be good neighbors.” He went on to describe 2017 as a good year. They held an Open House in fall which was well attended, and, paid $8500 in taxes to the Town.

A neighbor of Reclamation Ridge was not as grateful and expressed his concerns with the facility operating machinery after hours. He reported that on one night, the Crusher was running at 12:07 am for 20-30 minutes. He called in to dispatch and received no response. He also advised the Board that on several occasions, the facility gates were open after hours with vehicles going in and out, but no noise was reported at this time. The Board advised him that the business is allowed to be on the premises after hours, just not operating.  Dispatch confirmed receipt of the calls from the concerned neighbor.  Each time Granby police responded, they discovered non-operational activity underway each time.

Other concerns included no knowing what’s going on with the gravel pit and close proximity wells and water, since he had not seen any information. The Board confirmed that well water testing is being submitted to them quarterly and the water quality is fine.  

On the topic of Affordable housing, Mayor Chavoustie told the attendees that the Town had some property acquisitions in town under way, and are looking at partnering with the private sector, who have come to realize the dire housing situation and are investigating options.

Among some of the options in consideration, a “Cottage Alley” would allow homeowners to put Cottages in that face the alley. These types of homes are generally 400 square feet in size, but actual lot size is key to allowing it. These types of homes would be on slab and permanent, not mobile structures.  

At the old Shorefox property, he told the group that Sun Communities is developing plans to build 300-350 cabins which would be 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms. The preliminary plat has been approved. These new homes would be priced affordably, staring in the $100’s.

The Town also owns 30 acres by the Flying Heels Rodeo Grounds and are pursuing development of an apartment complex with 60-90 units.

He also mentioned that Senior housing is another priority. Currently, there are 80 on waiting list. A possible complex could be built on a parcel downtown. The plans will be presented soon.

Middle Park Fair And Rodeo News
The annual Demolition Derby will have a new look this year with the retirement of long time producers Will and Becca Jones of Get Smashed, Inc. Fair Board President Robert Nelson said “We owe Will and Becca a huge debt of gratitude for the many years they have devoted to the successful production of the Demo Derby.  Their involvement has made the Demo Derby one of the premier events in Grand County and of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo.”
In 2009 Will and Becca and Lurline Curran were the driving force behind the first Demo Derby and with their continued commitment to the Derby over the years it has become an outstanding entertainment event for Grand County.  The Fair Board are looking for new producers of this yearly event. Interested parties should contact the Fair Board for more information. middleparkfairandrodeo@gmail.com

Hamilton Tickets go on-sale to the public January 22  

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts announced that single tickets for Hamilton at the Buell Theatre will go on-sale to the public at 10 am on Monday, January 22, at hamilton.denvercenter.org. Tickets will be available for performances Feb. 27 through April 1.  
There is a maximum purchase limit of four (4) tickets per account for the engagement. Tickets range from $75 to $165 with a select number of $545 premium seats available for all performances. There will be a lottery for forty (40) $10 orchestra seats for all performances. Details will be announced closer to the engagement.