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Say What You Want

Just over a year has passed since the 2016 presidential election, and polls, public sentiment and...

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Be the hero or the goat!

It’s a new season and the gridiron action is heating up, the spotlight is on and all eyes are focused on the rising star as the home team breaks the huddle.  It’s 3rd down and 8 in one of the biggest games of the season. The...

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Bring On Your Letters

Soliciting letters to the editor in the high summer season is a little like asking a Formula I driver for an autograph mid-race. Nevertheless, here we are hoping some of you are itching to participate. We’d love to hear from our...

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Weigh In Online

Weigh in on Topics of the Day Online   It seems everyone has an opinion about nearly everything nowadays, judging by social media chatter and the cable news channels. Why should our readers be any different? So we’re providing a...

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Drive-By Chewing

Out on the Highway of life  ….it’s a Drive by Chewing   So I am heading into Winter Park the other day and I am sitting at the stop sign at county road 85/87, Red Dirt Hill, if you are unfamiliar with our numerical naming...

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Think Digital First

Not sure how or why, but, I just survived a couple of the busiest months of my life. Truth be told, sleep is overrated, so, I decided to buy stock in a bitter blend of Guatemalan dark roast. If you hit it with a splash of french...

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Not The Time To Take Public Lands For Granted

Lost amid all the hand-wringing about Russian interference in our electoral process, the tweet of the week and the myriad political machinations attending the current Congress and administration — all, granted, important or...

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Enjoy A Happy, Safe 4th Of July

Ah, summertime. This week for many marks the official start of high summer in the High Country. The revelry of the Fourth of July in particular, however, requires a measure of caution be exercised with fire. In spite of ample...

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For Those Who Are Still Listening

You may have caught the tidbit I buried last week deep on page (whatever) regarding the human attention span.  All week, I felt a need to expound upon  information I stumble across in my daily intake of useless information. A...

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Thank you, John; Welcome Aboard, Jon

Astute readers will recognize a change in what we in this business sometimes refer to as my column “bug,” the apparition, page right, that includes a facsimile of my frosty mug. This one includes the title Open Range, which is a...

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Print Media: Not Dead Yet

This week I thought I would toss out some concepts behind the multimedia of tomorrow for a little self analyzation of this newspaper endeavour. The name Multimedia is self explanatory. When broken down, the first part of the...

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