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View from Zerex

ANDY MILLER’s  View from Zerex If you are a member of the Dinosaur clan and have thrown away your land line phone, be prepared to throw away your cell phone too. Every good newspaper piece can use a second lead – so – read...

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They are laughing at us – Steve Skinner If I were younger I’d tell you now that I am being raised by coyotes. I guess, now that I’m so much older, I am living with coyotes but still learning, nonetheless. From my perch...

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Letters to the Editor

Sarcastic Wit As a life long idea man, I have some ideas for current critical problems: The Broncos need to have John Elway do more television commercials! The Democrat party needs to have more Hollywood support! Global warming...

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View From Xerex

Like many long-time Grand County residents, I have – on more than one occasion – pushed up hard...

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Letters to the Editor

Thanks from Eternal Hills Presbyterian Church and Preschool What an exciting, delicious, outrageously fun night it was!   We want to thank more than 180 people who attended and 120 people who volunteered to plan, publicize,...

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Superintendent’s Corner

Frank Reeves Last week was homecoming at Middle Park High School.  It was fun to see our students engage in dress up days, decorate the building, participate during the prep rally and compete on the fields and court.  Homecoming...

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We are all in this together.

            I am a Fraser Town Trustee with deep roots in the town of Winter Park.  During my long community service tenure in our valley, I have consistently advocated for both close cooperation and possible consolidation of...

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Be the hero or the goat!

It’s a new season and the gridiron action is heating up, the spotlight is on and all eyes are focused on the rising star as the home team breaks the huddle.  It’s 3rd down and 8 in one of the biggest games of the season. The...

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Waiting on a Friend

I am a communications specialist and I can no longer communicate. The world has passed me by and I am now completely befuddled on how best to interact with anyone. Email is out. Texting no longer works. Traditional phone calls...

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