photo courtesy of Grand Adventure Balloon Tours


As you become one with the wind, you lose the sensations of movement and perception of height, you begin to feel the peacefulness and tranquility of ballooning.  If you have not been hot air ballooning, I highly recommend the experience. There is nothing quite like it.

According to Jack and Sue Castillion Grand Adventures Balloon Tours, “The Fraser Valley is about as good as it gets.” This is an awesome place to fly according to aeronaut, Jack Castellion. With over 27 years flying and an average of 200 days per year in the air, Jack Castellion has already recorded more flight time than most pilots will achieve in a lifetime.  Castellion said, “I fell into it but flying quickly became my passion. I have flown in over 20 states from the Florida Everglades to wine vinyards of California”, the Fraser Valley is my favorite adding,”Like a farmer; its not just a job, its a lifestyle.”

Once airborne, Castellion becomes more than just a pilot he is the local meteorologist, historian, wildlife authority and in part, a joke-cracking, tour guide.  Castellion points out the surrounding peaks, landmarks, and just about everything in site and a few things with his trusty binoculars.

“He’s really an excellent pilot,” says his partner in life and business, Sue Castellion, adding that sometimes “you’re born to do something.” Jack was born to fly.

“He’s an excellent Pilot, he was born to fly” Sue Castellion said about her husband of nearly 25 years.

Grand Adventure Balloon ToursWhen the Grand Adventures Hot Air Balloon pilot, Jack Castellion takes off, he never knows exactly where he will land but, one thing is for sure, it is usually picture perfect.

“Cheated death again,” proclaims Castellion, as he touched down near the Linke Ranch on the edge of Cottonwood Pass.

Whether you are just in town visiting or you are a longtime local, I encourage you to get up early, conquer your fears and float on the morning breezes in the Fraser Valley. ith Grand Adventuires Balloon Tours.  Each flight concludes with a traditional champagne toast – a tradition over 200 years old – a continental breakfast, and a commemorative flight certificate.

Flights are scheduled at sunrise when the atmosphere is most stable and breezes are gentle.

It takes about an hour and a half, depending on landing site availability, wind direction, and fuel consumption.

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