Like many business owners in Grand County, Michaels Audio & Video (MAV) in Winter Park set out to fill a need for the community. Owner Michael Schurer moved to Grand County in the early 90’s, after growing up in Chicago, where he worked and mastered the skills necessary for a successful career in the audiovisual industry.

Much has changed over the years, but customer service has always been a driving factor in the success of his business. In Chicago, his client list is a who’s who of sports legends including Michael Jordan, Mike Ditka, Brad Sellars, Mike Singletary and Walter Payton. Schurer recalls, “Once, we installed an Alpine sound system in Walter Payton’s Lamborghini, and, on Saturdays, he would stop by the shop and let people sit in it and jam tunes.”  

“I started Michaels Audio & Video in 1994 out of my house in Fraser, because there was no one in the area specializing in audiovisual entertainment and new home wiring,” said Schurer. The builders needed someone who knew how to wire homes. Satellite television was still in the early stages of development and was just getting started. MAV became the region’s first DIRECTV representative, and, “That is how it all started just over 25 years ago.”

“We are constantly doing research on trends in the industry. Today, home automation is attainable and affordable.” Schurer added, “As 5G communication comes to fruition, homes of the future will be fully integrated and automated.” You will be able to turn on your Pot Roast from your desk at work, while closing your blinds to control the temperature.

One thing Michael Schurer has in common with most locals is he moved here to ski and enjoy the mountain lifestyle. “Working in Chicago was a high pressure metropolitan culture.”  Schurer prefers the more easy-going mountain life. 

True to his roots, Michael remains one of the biggest Chicago Cubs sports fans on the planet. During baseball season, he knows the score of most games around the league as well as the standings. Plus, he can tell you who is on the mound for his team any day of the week.

Schurer enjoys music, hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but one of his biggest passions is rebuilding old hotrods. A motorhead from a young age, he has rebuilt dozens of cars over the years. You may have seen him pass you in his latest hotrod, a 66’ Tempest with a 455 H.O. 4-speed. Like most great American V8s, it has the horsepower and compression to make some noise. Schurer drives it in just about every parade in the county and has been known to leave a little rubber on the pavement from time to time.

Michael Schurer has always supported the community whenever possible. “I think it is important to give back to the community.” Schurer said, “When we support each other, we become a stronger community. There are some great people in Grand County doing great things and I like to do what I can to help out.”

 Schurer has a huge collection of music and still loves the sound of old vinyl records, but he has come to realize the digital age is part of societal evolution. Today, you can control your entire home from an App on your phone. MAV will wire your new home specifically for the needs of the future. “We want you to know what is going on in your home when you are not home, so you can prevent a catastrophe.” Michael said new technology allows for older homes to be retrofitted with the latest control systems, as well. “It has been fun. It has been challenging.” Schurer added, “I have been subject to the economic waves of the community and I have always been proud I survived some tough periods in our history.”

Michaels Audio & Video sells and installs the latest technological trends and devices for your home or business. MAV has always put customer service out front. Schurer says, “You can go to Denver and buy a TV and slap up it up, but we are here if something goes wrong.” The consumer electronic business is a tough way to make money. “We specialize in service after the sell and match Denver prices because we want to take care of our customers.” 

Call or stop by Michaels Audio & Video showroom at King’s Crossing in downtown Winter Park. If they are closed, you may find Michael Schurer riding around in a canary yellow hotrod, listening to a Chicago Cubs baseball game on an old AM radio.